Kapoeta North County Benefits from Mosquito Net Donations

KAPOETA, July 15(Gurtong) -  Pregnant women and children aged below 5 years in Kapoeta North County in Eastern Equatoria State are receiving mosquito nets from an international development agency to shield them from malaria.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

Save the Children-USA has so far distributed over 10,000 treated mosquito nets to the two groups in two health facilities, namely Riwoto and Lomeyan primary health care centres.

According to the organisation’s medical clinical officer in Kapoeta North County, John Bosco Oroma, Save the Children -USA came in this year to fill a wider gap that was created by the 2-decade civil war in Sudan that led to the destruction of medical facilities.

He added that the war rendered the population in the south prone to multiples of diseases because no proper health institutions were established prior to the war.

He pointed out that malaria being the number one killer disease across the globe causes high mortality rates in tropical sub-Sahara African countries, South Sudan included.

 “We started distributing the nets on 6 June 2009 to women and children in the defined age groups as they are the most vulnerable to malaria. We are also ensuring that pregnant women attend ante-natal clinics while the children are vaccinated against other diseases besides being given Vitamin A supplements”, said Oroma.

He added that apart from the services to the two groups, Save the Children –USA was also offering health education in a bid to bring about behaviour change.

A nurse at Riwoto Primary Health Care Centre, Francis Lochauro told Gurtong that among the vaccines being administerd at the facility include those for tetanus, polio and measles.

Kapoeta North County Commissioner Wilson Lolup Lopatu expressed his satisfaction with the work Save the Children –USA was doing in the area in supporting the health sector and called upon other NGOs to join in the efforts.

Editor’s Note:

We earlier reported that the nets were distributed in Kapoeta South County instead of Kapoeta North County. We have also since learnt that over 10,000 nets have so far been distributed to the area residents and not just 10,000 nets. The error is highly regretted.


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