Speaker Calls For Respect Of Law, Lashes At Tribalism

The South Sudanese National Speaker Hon. James Wani Igga has called for respect of rule of law and an end to tribalism.

Speaker Calls For Respect Of Law, Lashes At Tribalism
Hon James Wani Igga addressing the gathering in Wau on Thursday. [Gurtong| James Deng Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 17 May 2013 [Gurtong] - Igga was addressing thousands of people who turned out in Wau, the state capital of Western Barh el Ghazal to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army on Thursday. 

“As a new nation, our country is under monitoring of the International Community and is bearing much blames on human rights abuses. Therefore today, I am urging you all to provide a space to promotion of human rights and stop impunity,” he said.

“Any suspect has right to have a defender, advocate or lawyer to defend him or herself before the law in court. We should also allow public hearing in the courts for the accused’s relatives to raise their points of view,” he said.

According to the Speaker, every South Sudanese must be fully committed to and abide by the laws.

Hon. Igga advised the four state governors of Western Barh El Ghazal, Warrap, Lakes and Northern Barh el Ghazal who celebrated the SPLM/A anniversary in Wau to go to their respective states and start organizing the public rallies to iron out all the political differences among the politicians to pave way for development and peaceful co-existence in South Sudan.

“Our nation is at the critical development stage that needs our people to stop the evil of the so called tribalism that has engulfed the whole nation.  If we do not end tribalism and corruption, they will finish all us,” he warned.

He added: “Most of our people are destroyed by tribalism and corruption as our ministers employ their own relatives in government offices which totally will not create unity among our people”. 

He also called for freedom of religious practices, saying the SPLA/M did not go into the bush to fight against any religion but for its freedom. 

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