Wau Celebrates SPLM/A 30th Anniversary

The South Sudanese National Legislative Assembly Speaker James Wani Igga along with the four governors of Greater Bahr el Ghazal states joined thousands of Wau residents in marking the 30th May SPLM/A anniversary.

Wau Celebrates SPLM/A 30th Anniversary
Wounded Heroes during the marching for 30th May anniversary in Wau. [Gurtong| James Deng Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 17 May, 2013[Gurtong] - The day was officially marked with jubilations; a colorful marching by state Special Forces, pupils from different schools and women groups.

“The 16 May was the day that SPLM/A was born in Sudan, we have to memories our lovely people who lost their lives for this peace,” said the SPLM State Chairperson Mark Nyipuoch. 

“The promise of our late leader Dr. John Garang De Mabior has come true that Sudan will never be like before, the great of his history has remained in our heart,” he continued.

16 May every year is celebrated as a day that keeps alive the memories of the sons and daughters of South Sudan and fallen heroes to acknowledge their tremendous contribution in the liberation of the southerners from the oppressive successive Khartoum regimes.

“It’s very important to recognize and celebrate this anniversary today because this is the day that our SPLA gallant forces took up arms against the regime of Sudan that came to an end in 2005 with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA),”  said the SPLA Sector One Infantry Commander Lt. General  Gabriel Riek Jok.

“We are very proud to tell you that it is the SPLA/M that brought this freedom we are in today and our SPLA forces stand committed to defend this country.”

He said SPLA are committed to repulse any aggression against South Sudan and its people. Over the Wau clashes last year that claimed lives, Riek called for forgiveness and opening a new page of peace for the sake of stability in the state.

The WBG State Governor Rizik Zackaria Hassan urged the citizens and Wau medical workers to remain calm, saying the state is investigating the recent killing and attack on health personnel.

“We the state authorities have managed to arrest the killer who attacked the doctor and the law will take its course,” he said. 

“In this regard, let us not repair or misunderstand ourselves by converting individual issue to any different thing. We are on a mission of building the new nation that needs our army. If we were not having strong forces, we wouldn’t have reached this freedom today.

“I am very happy to the commanding figures in the SPLA forces in Wau who have obeyed our command that they should not fire any bullets in the air today. This really shows that we have managed to create understanding between us in South Sudan.

“I am here today very honoured to share this occasion with you all today, the National speaker, National cabinet ministers and four governors the greater Bahr el Ghazal state region,” he added.

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