Marriage Brings Doom Memories To Bor Groom

A Bor Bridegroom, Simon Reat Maar has told Gurtong that temptation is a disease for married couples after he won the court case in Juba a fortnight ago.

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 18 May 2013 [Gurtong] –Reat said that they conducted a customary marriage in Malakal with Martha James Gile in St. Joseph Carderal Church in Malakal Diocese.

He described their marriage process that he first approached the lady before reaching to the relatives of the girl.

“I went to their home, and the girl accepted me and started the process of marriage like and man who can fulfil the process of marriage since I thought I got a woman or she got a man as a husband and wife that was first step I do,” said Simon Reat Maar.

Reat described his expenses to the court that after they have fall in love with his wife, their two families negotiation on how the dowries will be paid and he manage to paid 20,000 South Sudanese pounds (SSP) as dowry, wedding 32,000 SSP, 14,000 SSP for materials and 12,000 SSP for transportations, making up the total amounts 78,000 SSP.

He said that church ceremony was done on August 11 2011, witnessed by Monsignor Roko, Taban, Rev Fr Angelo Majok, Rev. Achangrial, both families and the congregation of the church that attended the ceremony were approximately to 6000 faithful people in St. Joseph Cathedral in Malakal Diocese.

After he completed the marriage process, his wife stayed with very well and in a honeymoon experience in Juba was characterized with the difficulty behaviour.

There was no joy with his wife, he told the court adding that she started communication with her boyfriend in Khartoum, and others social friends as well.

He said that his wife stayed with him for only three days in Bor, the capital of Jonglei state.

He said that she was also been moving to both Church and Private places visiting without permission from him as the husband that and that was where she created friends and moving with elder women creating meetings with them.

He told the Court that after the father ordered his daughter to come back to him she remained in Juba for almost a month where she got pregnant and she was put in prisons by the father because she was helping the father in family affairs.

Simon said that in a Customary Courts in Juba South Sudan the case was between him and the Father of girl after his wife divorced him and married another man.

The Father to the lady, James Gile told the court that he gave his daughter to the man who comes during the day not a man who came at the back door adding that if that was the matter he should compensate Simon’s family and request the court to ask her daughter if she got another husband.

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