Senior Government Officials Criticize the use of Luxurious Government Cars

Officials from the government of South Sudan have rapped the government over ‘expensive and luxurious’ cars used by government institutions.

Senior Government Officials Criticize the use of Luxurious Government Cars
Prof. Alfred Sebit Lokuji says there is need to get rid of the high fuel consuming luxurious cars. [Gurtong]

By Misuk Moses Mule

JUBA, 27 May 2013 [Gurtong] - The Acting Undersecretary in the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology who is also a professor at the University of Juba, Prof. Alfred Sebit Lokuji publically criticized the government for purchasing expensive and luxurious cars.

“Let us get rid of these luxurious government cars as a matter of concern. Keep few for top most people who must receive top most visitors,” he said.

Prof. Lokuji said that the citizens are expectant and that the government should be able to copy a good example from Kenya and other countries. According to him, many basic things of water, health and road network are still lacking in the country.

He said the buying of cars like the V8’s is at the expense the people who expect services. He advised the government to think of the future children. He noted that development is measured by the least in the country and not the number of jets or expensive cars a few drive.

He called for dynamic and transparent people centered governance, saying there is need to revisit the budget next year. Nevertheless, he called for the empowering of the common man and urged government officials to stop greed.

Meanwhile Prof. Alfred Lodu Gore has stressed the need to offer services to the people, adding that there is need for government to follow the direction of the ordinary man.

“We must give our people something to believe that this is our state,” he said. The institutions of government use V8’s, a type of car that is believed to be expensive to maintain with a high fuel consumption rate.

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