South Sudan To Regulate Vehicle Registration

The Inspector General of Police Peng Deng Majok has announced that South Sudan will soon adopt a new system of regulating number plates for the vehicles crossing into the neighbouring countries.

South Sudan To Regulate Vehicle Registration
South Sudan Inspector General of Police Peng Deng Majok in Wau last week. [James Deng Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 10 June 2013[Gurtong]-
 Peng Deng Majok was speaking in Western Bahr el Ghazal state while addressing the state cabinet ministers over the police concern on the security situation in the country.

“We will regulate the vehicles plate numbers crossing boarders because our country has mixed up with so many unrecognized state plate numbers which are written in terms of state names and are in question at the boarders to which country does they belong,” Majok said.

He said that South Sudan is a member of International police organization and each country has its own international code but South Sudan does not have one system of recognizing the plates.

“Therefore, as this becomes a problem, we have come up with two proposal that we are sharing them with the states, one is to have two types of plate number that based on national code number that will carry the country national flag and the international code of the country, this number will be able to move over the country South Sudan,” he said.

He said that this type of number plate will be the only plate number that will be legal to travel outside the country or cross any boarder.

The proposal is that, all the states will be allowed to have their own plate numbers that symbol the state local flag and these are the vehicles that are not allowed to cross any boarder, they will be only allowed to move between each state within the country under limited permission.

This will officially be made in order for South Sudan to regulate the challenges facing the new nation and will allow the state police to identify the plate numbers they had issued out.

“Any local state plate number will not be allowed to travel outside the country,” said Majok.

The second proposal is that all states will be subjected to apply for the country international code plate that will decentralize the issuing of plate numbers.

Once its accepted, all states will be given equal plate numbers and such numbers will all be allow to travel over the country as well as they will be allowed to cross the boarders, he said.

Peng said that some of the states in the country opted their states to have the same type of plate number as national government adding that they are still collecting views.

He said that the concern of police is not on revenue but a control to the use of plate numbers in the country adding that the issue of revenue is the concern of the national authority and the states.

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