Tenders out for Construction of Power Stations

“We are expecting this work to cost around US$160m,” said Taban
who said that Wau and Malakal would receive power stations bigger than Juba’s
in order to attract industry and hotels. Juba’s five megawatt station,
up and running since December, produces only enough power to cover consumers
said Taban.

Date: 5th February 2007

JUBA, Sudan, Feb 7 (Gurtong) – The Government of Southern Sudan Ministry for Housing, Lands and Pubic Utilities has tendered out for bids on Monday to implement the construction of power stations in the nine state capitals other than Juba said the ministry’s Director General of Power Supply Samuel Taban on Wednesday.

The projects will be funded through the ministry’s budget, loans and the south Sudan Multi-Donor Trust Fund, said Taban.

The new Juba power station is the largest ever in the south but has a limited lifespan of between 15 and 20 years. Taban explained that his ministry is currently reviewing some 15 bids for the feasibility study of the proposed Bankable hydroelectric power station some 20 miles south of Juba on the Nile River.


“We are very serious about this as an investment,” said Taban who said that even the feasibility studies to test water speed, the environmental impact amongst others would cost millions of dollars.


Although the damn would cost around US$1.5bn to construct over two years, Taban said that some of the 1,250 megawatts produced could be exported to Uganda and Kenya.


Unfortunately although power has been generated by the Juba station since 22 December, little has reached the population of Juba as the Kenyan contractors, Meta Electricals disconnected most of the old electrical cables back in September without replacing them following a worker’s strike.


“They were not meant to do this,” said Taban who said that the work was now three months late, “the employees of South Sudan Electrical Cooperation are now putting in the new wires. This will take another 10 days”.

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