UNMIS Media Monitoring Report - 12th October 2006

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Date: 5th February 2007

(By Public Information Office)


SPLA refuses to reintegrate 50% of SAF-aligned militias

­ Council of Ministers draws deadline for review of legislation to comply with the CPA

Ø Southern Sudan
­ Kiir orders investigations into governor’s dismissal

­ Ugandan rebels won’t sign peace deal while facing arrest



SPLA refuses to reintegrate 50% of SAF-aligned militias

(AlAyaam) Mjr. Gen. Bior Ajang of the SPLA who heads the OAGCC says the SPLA has rejected a SAF request that it integrate within its ranks 50% of SAF-aligned militias.

Ajang pointed out that these militias had been granted the liberty to chose to either join the SAF or the SPLA and chose the SAF and there is therefore no logic behind the SAF request.

Mjr. Gen. Sidiq Amir, a SAF representative at the OAGCC, said that the OAGCC did hold its fourth meeting yesterday in which it discussed the role of the DDR commissions and that the SAF had indeed requested the SPLA to integrate 19,000 militia combatants. He said that the request was on the grounds that these are southern Sudanese combatants whose interests are closely linked to the south and most of them do not want to work in the north.

He said that the SAF would refer the issue to the DDR Commission should the SPLA continue to reject its request for a middle-ground solution.


Council of Ministers draws deadline for review of legislation to comply with the CPA

(AlAyaam) The Council of Ministers has tasked Vice-President Taha to supervise the work of the ministerial committees for the amendment of legislature to conform to the CPA and has given the committees one month to finish the job.

The Council of Ministers also yesterday endorsed a proposal by the President of the Republic for the reformation of the High Committee for the Implementation of the Darfur Peace Agreement. The changes mean that the High Committee will be composed of the President and Vice-Presidents of the Republic, the Presidential Assistances and a number of ministers, advisors and governors.

v Reports AlAyaam and agencies: US Special Envoy to Sudan, Andrew Natsious, is expected in Khartoum within the next two days. AlSahafa also reports that the UK has appointed Hillary as Special Envoy to Sudan.

Southern Sudan

Kiir orders investig

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