Mapping Education in the Ten South Sudan States

1. Aweil Centre County (Aroyo)

2. Ayat County (Marial Bai)

3. Aweil West County (Nyamlel)

4. Aweil North County (Ariath)

5. Abiem Centre County (Wanyjok)” Baac, Majak-Akon, Makuac girls and Pariak

6. Abiem East County (Madhol)” Baac, Majak-Akon, Makuac girls and Pariak.
Also Rumrol and Pagai

7. Abiem West County (Yargot)

8. Aweil South County (Malek Alel)” Tiar-Aliet, Panthau, Gakrol, Wathmuok,
Ayai and Malek-Alel

B. WESTERN Bahr El Ghazal STATE (Wau)

Date: 5th February 2007

It takes days to tour South Sudan to asses the educational activities in all the ten (10) States, some in rural areas. Education in South Sudan is mainly at the basic level with a few secondary schools in where students complain lack of libraries,laboratory and other educational resources. The laboratory in Rumbek secondary was renovated and equiped in 2002 when the Comboni missionaries revitalized and administered the education system while the government of South Sudan was engaged in the frontline, defending the children and the country as early as 1983.

Since the advent of education in South Sudan, there was no separate female schools except for Rumbek Girls primary school and other Girl primary schools in Juba and Wau. There were no universities except for Juba University which was pulled back to operate in Northern Sudan- Khartoum.

Lack of water and electricity resources has been a major obstacle. Water backbone diseases were rampant in South Sudan. That is why education for the entire region, especially hygiene, should be the priority. School constructions are heavily underway in South Sudan where some UN agencies are helping the communities with delivery of educational materials.The problem is that not all teachers in South Sudan are qualified due to the long years of war. Most qualified teachers opted to join the SPLA as early as 1983 to fill up ranks and files of SPLM/A.

Girl education in South Sudan is not given due consideration because of the traditional systems which focus on girls as sources of wealth. A girl may be given in marriage for almost 200 heads of cows.” That means if you have five daughters you are automatically a wealthy person and you will earn due respect you. In all the rural areas, shcools are located evry far away, sometimes within a walking distance of 2 to 4 hours along a narrow wet grassy track. Below is the list of all the schools in the ten States from primary to teacher training institutes.

A. NORTHERN Bahr El Ghazal STATE (Aweil)

1. Wau County Wau” Wau surrounding
2. Wau County (Wau)” Achumchum
3. North Jur River County (Udishi)” Brurud and Mabaka
4. South Jur River County (Kaujena)” Mapel and Chano
5. Naumtina County (Namutina)
6. Diem Zubeir County (Deim Zubeir)
7. Raja County (Raja)
8. Marial Bai County (Marial Wau)” Achongchong and Nyin-Akok

C. WARAP STATE (Kuaijok)

1. Tonj East.” Wancuei
2. Tonj North County ” Lurcuk, Kirrik, Aliek, Akop and Warrap
3. Tonj South County (Tonj)” Tonj, Thiet (Kurlueth Institute of Education (KIE)
4. Gogrial East County (Lunyaker)” Luanyakeir, Lienthnom,
5. Gogrial East County (Lunyaker)” Luonyakeer
6. Gogrial West County (Gogrial)” Gogrial town and Alek, Gogrial West county
7. Gogrial West County (Gogrial)” Akon, Mayen-Pajok, Nyieth, Panliet, Thur Akoon, Ayuang, Maluiel-Ajak, Ajiep and Thur-Nyoor
8. Gogrial West County (Gogrial)” Alek area, Baau
9. Twic Mayardit County (Turalei)” Turalei Town , Twic County
10. Twic Mayardit County (Turalei)” 2 different schools
11. Abyei County (Abyei)” Ak

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