Sudanese Political Forces Differ Over Darfur

While opposition forces argue that it would be in the interest of Darfur if
international forces intervened to restore security, the government and its
supporters praise the extension of the mandate of the AU.

Date: 5th February 2007

Opinions varied over the declaration of the African Union (AU) to extend its mission in Darfur upto the end of this year.

The Spokesman of the National Democratic Alliance (DNA), Suliman Hamid said a resolution to be issued today would be decisive for Darfur question, as it would render the AU’s resolution would impact positively on Darfur given that the AU recognized its financial and military weakness to settle the crisis in Darfur, added Hamid.

The AU’s declaration is praiseworthy as it gives the government of National Unity an opportunity to hold talks with Darfur’s non-signatory movements, hold the Darfuri-Darfuri dialogue and come with a broad representation Darfurians in the government of Darfur, said Abdallah Masar, leader of a splinter group of Ummah party.

Hassan Bargo of the National Congress party said the extension of AU’s mandate would spur the government and Darfur movements to implement peace.

Meanwhile, AU’s Spokesperson, Nour Addine Almazni said the extension would enhance the role of the AU in settling Darfur problem. The AU would reinforce its troops and seek logistical support from international parties to rescue the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA).

It is worth noting that the AU, in its meeting yesterday on the sidelines of the meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York decided to extend its mission in Darfur upto the end of this year as well as putting in an additional 700 force.

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