Sudan's Anyuak Accuse Lou-Nuer of Occupying Ten Villages

Speaking to Sudan Radio Service (SRS) in Akobo last week, Anyuak chief Chol
Odeo Omot of Obo village blamed the Akobo County authorities for not doing enough
to settle displaced Anyuak community back to Anyuak land in Akobo.

Date: 5th February 2007

Aug, 30 2006 (NAIROBI) — The Anyuak head chief in Akobo County of Jonglei state has accused the Lou-Nuer of occupying more than ten villages that—he says—“originally belonged to the Anyuak community.”

“When people returned home after peace has been signed, we got Nuer built all the villages where Anyuak were residing. So when we look at it there is no place where I can sit with my people and up to now I am in the town and my people are far away from the town because there is no where I can put them;” said Chief Omot Lero.

Chief Omot also blamed Lou-Nuer for failing to honor a promise to to leave Anyuak land. The promise was one of several resolutions passed during a peace and reconciliation conference held early last year.

He also urged the Anyuak community living outside Sudan to return home and develop their areas.

In response, the Commissioner of Akobo County denies the Anyuak chief’s claim that Akobo County authorities are not doing enough to settle Anyuak back into their villages.

In akobo last week, Commissioner Doyak Chol acknowledged that land in Akobo County “constitutionally belongs to the Anyuak community.” The commissioner urged the two communities to live in peace and harmony as southern Sudanese.

“When I was appointed the commissioner I brought together Anyuak and Lou-Nuer to solve their differences and today they are living together peacefully. Anyuak are true residents of akobo that is why they have one Payam called Alale Payam. I told them to come back to their land but because reconciliation was done recently they decided to remain in Alale Payam” said Doyak Chol.

He also promised Anyuak living outside Sudan that the Akobo County authority will give land once they apply for it.


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