Group Set To Launch Youth Empowerment Campaign

A group of youth have announced plans to form a film and theater company to use their talents to empower more reluctant South Sudanese youths and practitioners in the industry as they promote South Sudanese heritage and culture to the outside world.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 23 July 2013 [Gurtong] – Under the Presidency of Daniel Danis, the ‘Woyee Film and Theatre Industry’ will use their creativity acting skills to create films, documentaries, theatrical acts and songs that seek to educate, inform or enlighten the south Sudanese people particular on peace, conflict resolutions and reconciliation.

Other areas of focus will be on HIV/AIDS, gender equity, girl-child education, domestic violence, peaceful co-existence, nation building -citizen participation.

“We strive to develop highly skilled and motivated individual, Film practitioners to meet the needs of the dynamic and advancing modern movies environment based on the South Sudanese culture and heritage,” says the group vision.

The group vows to promote creativity, peaceful, and healthy to attain better living conditions amongst South Sudanese youth and their neighbours.

The group seeks to inform the communities to understand on the role of governance and promote and empower untapped talents amongst South Sudanese youths and experts through the power of film and theatre works.

It advocates for change and development in the Country though persuasive and will always promote tourism prospects, beauty of the rich South Sudan in terms of its resources which the group will break into major entertainments channels that will begin to appreciate and generate positive attitudes towards the people and the South Sudan.

The group says it is about South Sudanese acquiring skills to tell their own stories through films and having their own films available and affordable locally and internationally just like the Nigerians, Chinese, Indians and Americans.

“We believe we can make it, we will empower as many creative and talented Sudanese who cannot make a living on regular basis. Act as a source of employment to others fairly,” they said.

The group said they are committed to African cultural heritage to achieve orderliness and behavioural control of human interaction by sowing seeds of harmony and peaceful life in an equitable society.

Woyee Film and Theatre industry is an independent community based project formed by South Sudanese youth initially from Kakuma Refugee Camp, East Africa to empower young people through the power of creative arts and films locally produced in Juba, South Sudan.

The group, has had its vast experience while in Kakuma camp through Mobile theatre, conducted its activities notably drama festivals in Kenyan schools and colleges, all through from 2000 to 2007.

The group was formed with support from Lutheran World Federation LWF/DWS composed of youths from different schools mainly to participate in Drama festivals within and outside the camp by utilizing its creativity or talents and skills of the youths (in the camp) who were mostly involve in drug abuse due to lack of productive activities.

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