Demonstrators Support President’s Move To Dissolve Ministries

Demonstrations have today been held peaceful rallies in Aweil Town, Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, to support the decision taken by President Salva Kiir on Tuesday to dissolve the cabinet.

By Abraham Agoth

AWEIL, 25 July 2013 [Gurtong]- The state governor Paul Malong Awan with his entire cabinet stood at his office entrance to receive and welcome the demonstrators.

The State Chamber of Commerce representative, Mr. Garang Athian, said the decision taken by the president is brave and emblematic to the citizens of South Sudan for that the government has been fighting the zero tolerance to corruption and by such decision they think lots of changes and improvements are underway in the whole system of governance.

“Our key message to the president at this moment is that, we want him to continue with those brave decisions so that more chances of services delivery are created and implemented in a timely manner,” Athian said.

He added that the citizens wanted a united Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) so as development can thrive in the new nation.

On the other hand, SPLM Youth League chairperson Mr. Garang Wol Kon presented their petition in the presence of high government ranking official saying: “We stand here today to present our unwavering support to the president for the courageous decision he has taken.”

Kon congratulated the president adding that “The people of South Sudan have been waiting for such a decision for long time for which some of our government officials have openly and negatively involved themselves in criticising the government which they work for.”

Members expressed satisfaction in support of the decision taken by the president and pledged to remain calm.

However, in his presentation, Wol admitted critics and openness in condemning the government but insisted that approach must be reasonable and responsible manner not with a tune that invite enemy of South Sudan into the South Sudan’s own affairs.

He further noted that youths utterly reject the confusion of destabilizing South Sudan’s affairs and called for the government to deal with corrupt figures.

Kon also appealed to the citizens of South Sudan to abandon calls for disunity within the newest state and work for unity of all tribes in the county, urging the president to urgently form the newest cabinet with newest faces free of corruption and public fund embezzlements.

The women Association representative, Awut Kuel Kuel, said the women have been waiting for progressive move in term of governance.

“We women of NBGS are in full support of the decision so that new progresses are seen within the cabinet. We are asking this time so that government can consider improving education system, provision of safe drinking water for all and affordable health facilities for all in all counties of the country,” she said.

While responding to the calls from various civil societies in the state, the governor Paul Malong appreciated the decision of demonstrations and noted his support to the presidential decision urging the citizens to support the invigorating leadership shown by President Salva Kiir.

“I really appreciate your efforts and knowledge of knowing what to do. We must still remember that SPLM is our board that all of us must use to cross the river. We must not abandon the SPLM with the leadership but rather flourish our full support,” the governor said.

The security situation has been calm since the announcement of presidential decree on Tuesday.

The Presidential decree issued on Tuesday evening said all the national and deputy ministers have been suspended and the ministries have also been reduced from 29 to 18.

There has been reports of power struggle in SPLM, particularly between Kiir and his vice-president Riek Machar who has said he is interested in running for president in the 2015 elections.

Last month, President Kiir suspended two cabinet members and ordered an investigation into corruption allegations.

Since January, two other elected governors for Lakes and Unity states have also been sacked.

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