Amani Calls on GOSS to Mount More Pressure on Uganda and LRA to end the War

The delegation's four-day visit aims at assuring the Government of Southern
Sudan to put in place a mechanism for the fighting parties in Uganda to come
into terms in order to end the war in northern Uganda.

Date: 5th February 2007

Members of parliament of Uganda, basically representing a forum called Amani chapter in Uganda and also a regional office in Nairobi, Kenya, are currently in Juba.

In a press statement to Khartoum Monitor on Friday, the head of the delegation, Honorable Kasamba Mathias, said the primary reason of their visit to Juba was to deliver a memorandum of appreciation to the GOSS in exerting efforts to bring the Government of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) to a negotiation table in the Southern Sudan main town of Juba. Mathias is optimistic about imminent prevalence of peace in northern Uganda because Amani is seriously concerned about ensuring that the warring parties continue to dialogue. He called on GOSS to give more pressure both to the delegations of Ugandan government and LRA to achieve peace in northern Uganda as soon as possible.

The cost of the war has been very great in the region of northern Uganda, he affirmed,and that Amani must make sure that the Juba peace talks comes to a peaceful conclusion so that the people of northern Uganda can have good life and continue with education. “The suffering of women, children and a lot of resources have been committed to war and as members within the region of East Africa and the Great Lakes region, we want to see that a lot is done so that peace prevails in that part of the country”, Mathias lamented.

On the LRA Leader, Joseph Kony's accusations of the Ugandan government violation of the truce, the head of Amani delegation dismissed Kony’s allegations, saying the two parties as stipulated in the cessation of hostilities agreement, have put a mechanism for monitoring where there would be safe passages within which the LRA should pass. “The Uganda People Defence Forces (UPDF) must make sure that the LRA are given sanctuary area to avoid any violation of the agreement. It would be necessary for the LRA when they come out from the bush to be integrated in various programmes of the government of Uganda, trained and serve the interest of the nation”, he added.

Amani is a peace forum for members of parliament within the Great Lakes region. The delegation paid a curtsey call to the GOSS parliament yesterday where they were briefed by Honorable James Wani Igga, Speaker of the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly on parliamentary experience and preparations for convening the third session of the August House on Monday, September 4,2006.


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