List of the Traditional Leaders on Tour

The fourteen South Sudanese and Nuba Mountains traditional leaders currently on historic tour of South Africa, Botswana and Ghana are:

Date: 5th February 2007

(Nairobi, Monday August 21, 2006)

  1. King Victor Oduho Lomiluk Lohide: King of the Latuka,Torit.
  2. Chief Dennis Dar Amallo Kundi: Paramount chief of the Bari, Juba.
  3. Chief Madalina Tito Ohirong Ohire: Chief of Lopit, Torit.
  4. Chief Louis Lopua Naita Lobor: Paramount Chief of the Toposa, Kapoeta.
  5. King Adongo Agada Akwai Cham: King of the Anyuak.
  6. Chief Philip Manytong Awin Manytong: Representative of the Reith (King) of the Shilluk.
  7. Chief Issac Ruot Lam War Kur: Paramount Chief of Low.
  8. Chief Ireneo Kunda Tabur Unango: Chief of Raga County.
  9. Chief Pio Tem Kuag: Aweil North
  10. Chief Dut Malwal Arop Tong: Rumbek
  11. Chief Jacob Madhol Lang Juk: Twic Chief, Gogrial.
  12. Emir Kuol Deng Kuol: Abyei
  13. Emir Elamen A. Elgadir Dauod: Nuba Mountains
  14. Emir Yagoub Gebril Abdalla Makki: Nuba Mountains

They are in good hands: In company are Mr Nikodemo Arou Man Chot Ngot (Local Government Secretariat Representative). Mr. Owar Ngot Ojang Odol (Assisting the Anyuak King), Mr. Dau Reec Deng Lual (Representative of Bor counties).

Also in company are: Mr. Edwin Baba (UNDP), Swiss anthropologist Dr. Conradin Perner, famously known by his Anyuak name Kwacakworo. Also in company is Gurtong’s own, Ms Amer Ajok, known on the Gurtong Discussion Board as Amira Junub. Mr Aly Verjee of Juba Post is the journalist in the company.

The team will be met in Johannesburg by Professor Kwesi Kwaa Prah. Prof. Prah, who once taught in the University of Juba, prepared the Southern Africa programme as well as that of his home country, Ghana, where he will lead and introduce them to various kings and chiefs.

One sideline but important objective of the trip is that the leaders will get to know each other better and share challenges. For example: at a reception held in their honour in Nairobi on August 16, at the home of Mr. Arthur Mattli, Charge d’Affaires a.i. of Switzerland and Mrs. Florence Tinguely Mattli, Deputy Permanent Representative to UNEP, the Anyuak King shared with others the plight of his people across the border with Ethiopia, to where most of his subjects were cut off by colonial borders. Thousands of Anyuaks, he reported, perished in recent armed invasion of his territory on the Ethiopian side by “highlanders” of a different ethnic community. Now he has thousands of displaced Anyuaks on the Sudan side of the border.

The Toposa Paramount Chief’s nightmares were centred on the chronic raiding of “cattle and women” between the Toposa on one hand and the Turkana (in Kenya) and the Karamajong (in Uganda) on the other hand. The chiefs of the three ethnic communities meet often to settle problems as peacefully as possible. “We are one people, same language, culture and so on; but now there are too many guns in the hands of young people who will not listen to wisdom,” he said.


The Bari Paramount Chief is determined to build a “home” for all South Sudanese chiefs in the South Sudanese capital, Juba. He is already working very hard to secure land on which to build, to begin with, “a rest house for chiefs”. The idea had solid support from the traditional leaders with him. While they intend to ask for outside support, some of them thought that together they could contribute a substantial amount of the funds needed for the project.


It should be remembered, however, that the traditional leaders on the tour represent a mere proporti

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