Fire Brigade Launches Flood Management Training In Aweil

Northern Bahr el Ghazal state’s Fire Brigade department has conducted training to their personnel on flood disaster management and rescuing after they received disaster management equipments from the Polish Aid organization.

Fire Brigade Launches Flood Management Training In Aweil
Fire Brigade personnel during the practical training on Flood management in Aweil. [Abraham Agoth]

By Abraham Agoth

AWEIL, 09 August 2013 [Gurtong]-The fire brigade received the donations of various equipments used to fight floods and other disaster management equipment.

Speaking to the journalists during the launching of the practical training on how the trainees will further use the knowledge to train others and rescue the people who may be in need, the Director for Disaster Management and Control in the directorate of Fire Brigade Services Mr. Joseph Anei Dut Anei says his department has been in thorough need of the equipments to help respond to the situations when citizens are in critical condition crying out for the flood rescue.

“My directorate has been seriously affected for the years that we were lacking these equipments, luckily enough we secured funds from the Polish Centre for International Aid (PCIA), a polish organization that works for the international aid’s support around the globe through Polish Aid,” he said.

He said the equipments can be used for the management or control of various outbreaks in the state especially the flood which we are carrying out the training to respond to the upcoming flood’s threat in the state.

Anei further adds that the state has been having lots of challenges in terms of flood response of which his department has been tasked to respond to such cases but due to lack of equipments, there was a big gap.

He later insists that his team shall be ready to rescue in other disaster management cases when there is a need especially in the case of floods which destroyed crops and several other properties from the citizens last year which resulted into the low agricultural production.

“We know that there are reports of upcoming flood in the state which some of it will not be controllable but the little our department can manage to rescue will make difference to the citizens unlike those years where we were lacking these equipments,” Anei adds.

On the other hand, residents who received training were very hopeful that the training will make a big change to the entire citizens of Aweil and especially lowland areas around the state.

“Aweil is a state whereby lots of flood occur like last year and many other past years. This training of flood management may help us reach out for support when it happens especially when a flooding rains fall. These are the developmental progresses which we can see little bit,” said Ajok Dok, one of residents and a returnee residing at Maper North in Aweil town.

The fire brigade has been undergoing various challenges in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state, among these were lack of fire control gauge, fire engine and other disastrous management control equipments, but through the funding proposal attempts, became sustainable through donation given by the Polish Aid organization.

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