South Sudanese Urged To Use Football In Fostering Unity

South Sudanese communities have been urged to use sports as a uniting factor to foster peace and harmony in the new nation.

South Sudanese Urged To Use Football In Fostering Unity
The Veteran FC (Blue) played against the Children FC (yellow) at Yei Freedom Square. [Petia Suliman Loro]

By Petia Suliman Loro

YEI, 10 August 2013 [Gurtong] – Hon. Bidal Moses a Member of Parliament representing Yei County at the National Assembly said football has no religion and should be used to unite the communities.

He said this while representing the Government at the Eid Al-Fitr Mubarak football tournament between the Veteran FC and the Children FC at Yei Freedom Square.

Before the match started, the teams had a road mobilization with the brass band and a convoy of vehicles and motorcycles on the streets of Yei River County.

Hon. Bidal said all people are one regardless of their religious sects.

He added there is need for the children to gain more experiences in football and this will be effective through joint tournaments between the adults and the young ones.

Bidal urged the elders to take extra precautions when handling the young ones in the football pitch so that, they do not hurt or cause harm to the children.

Musa Hakim one of the Muslim Council leaders at Yei Mosque thanked all the Christians and his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters for the team spirit that they have shown during this season of Eid Al-Fitr celebrations.

He re-emphasized that Islam means peace, and all people should focus on loving one another, agitating for peace and harmony in the nation.

The football tournament which started at 5:30 PM local time ended with a 2-2 draw.

In the first nine minutes of the first half, the Veteran FC conceded the first goal but they managed to take back their position by scoring a classical goal that normalized their position in the pitch.

The second half was played under heavy downpour, but both sides kept their momentum steady.

At 69 minutes, under tight defensive lineup, Muhammad Abdurrahman the Children FC captain surprised the Veteran’s net with another goal that gave them a hope of being champions.

At the 80 minutes, the veterans managed to equalize the game which ended 2-2.

On Thursday, the Muslim Nuru FC drew 3-3 with one of the Christian Football Club in Yei at Yei Freedom Square.

There was supposed to be a penalty shootout, but it was canceled on the ground that, this tournament was not a competition between the Muslims and the Christians, but a friendly match.

In Yei, it is a culture and a policy that in every celebration be it religious or political, there must be a football tournament organized between either the giant clubs or between the children and the veterans.

The communities have realized that peace and unity can prevail through social activities and gathering where sport is one of them.

During the second Independence Anniversary of South Sudan, the veterans FC play with the children FC, where the Children FC took the Independence Cup.

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