Jonglei State Journalists Conclude Capacity Building Training

Jonglei State journalists have completed a month long training program supported by the Poland Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 11 August 2013 [Gurtong] – The Program Director of MASS Media and Capacity Building Emmanuel Piro Achaha has said that their interest was to help those practising journalism to improve their performance in the media sector specifically in radio.

Speaking to the media group after the training program on Friday, Piro Achaha described MASS as a media capacity building in journalists specifically to deal in radio programs which was established in 2012.

The main objective is to build of the capacity of practicing journalists in South Sudan.

Achaha told the journalists that South Sudan has no school where one can study radio, train in journalism or Television, adding that the training they are offering through Mass and Media capacity building is more comprehensive to South Sudanese journalists.

He said that their services are mobile as they conducted their training in the radio station during the working hours for the period of one month.

“It’s mobile, that means that we go to the radio station and we seat with the staff from [the] station during the functioning hours in the station, training journalists on the basic journalists skills, interview skills, skills in editing, skills on writing, skill in making documentaries or feature, or any other thing that pertains to radio,” Piro said.

Piro has said that most of the training being conducted by some other institutions was not covering the needs of the journalists as the days are few.

“Indeed it’s unique, it is different, nobody has done it [month to month training] but here we are doing it, there are some few institutions that are doing training but they do for two to three days meanwhile we are do training for one month to fulfil our objective and make sure that journalists are trained effectively,” he said.

He said that they have handed one laptop computer and one recorder with all accessories to Jonglei FM after one month workshop.

Program Coordinator for the MASS media capacity building, Julia Prus, said that they couldn’t train all journalists in Jonglei state as well as making training in all 10 states of South Sudan because their capacity is still small, adding that their services will cover only five states of South Sudan.

Piro Achaha adds that the project they are working with education for peace has a small unit that deals with education.


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