17 Students Injured in Bomb Blast at School in Alfasher

A grenade bomb exploded Monday morning at a secondary school in
Al-Fasher town, capital of North Darfur State, wounding 17 students.


(Al-Fasher, 18th, Oct. 2004)

A medical source at Al-Fasher Hospital said that three of the students have sustained serious injuries. The small-size bomb exploded among a group of students at Al-Ferdos Secondary School in Dadinga Quarter in central Al-Fasher.

The concerned authorities immediately began inquiry in the incident. A number of students at the school said that a student brought the bomb into the school without knowing that it was a substance that could explode at any moment.

This brought the number of explosions that had occurred in the town to more than four in this year alone. The students who were doing their preps reading for the coming exams were treated at the nearest hospital.

Five of them were hospitalised. Among the injured was an 18-year-old boy from Upper Nile who is scheduled for High School Examinations in early November.

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