National Bureau of Statistics Launches South Sudan Information Portal

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has finally launched a new development information portal for South Sudan.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 04 September 2013 [Gurtong] – The information portal is to allow easy dissemination of necessary information on all indicators pertaining to the Millennium Development Goal (MDGs), including some indicators agreed upon global initiatives in the country to the public.

The just launched DevInfo database will provide information on population and developments, including education, health, poverty eradication and environment, NBS officials have clarified during the launch in Torit.

Speaking during the launch, Fr. Saturnino Hall, the state Statistical Director’s Jackson Ukello Akur said the initiative is the main primary source of information in the country.

He advised leaders in the State to make use of the DevInfo database as it provides them with indicators that in turn serve as the catalysts to development plans and provision of services to the people.

Ukello stressed that their main role as NBS, is to collect, gather, analyze and process data into information for public consumption emphasizing that information is very important and it is the spirit of every efforts toward development in addition to service delivery in any country across the globe.

The NBS, with support from United Nations children’s agency, UNICEF South Sudan Country Office, has been working to institutionalize and roll-out DeveInfo initiative in South Sudan.

“Accordingly, South Sudan Info, an adaptation of DeveInfo Technology, is now upgraded as national database updated with most recent data in the Country and easily accessible online,” he elaborated.

“Briefly, South Sudan info is an indicator based database system developed by NBS and it is a principal source of information on all indicators pertaining to the Millennium Development Goal (MDGs), including some indicators agreed upon global initiatives in the Country,” he said.

The database is, therefore an important platform for dissemination of MDG indicators, and is an important data sharing tool to monitor the progress towards the achievement of MDGs as well as other agreed upon development initiatives in South Sudan.

Just nearly two weeks back, South Sudanese leaders especially the Country’s policy makers had been urged to use the NBS information as a reliable data in planning.

The UNICEF Chief of Programs, Pelucy Ntambirweki, raised a concern appealing to policy makers to always make use of the available database at National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), a reliable reference, before making decisions on budget and planning.

She said the system has socio-economic indicators information including health, demography, economy and education.

The Chief made the remarks on Friday when the National Bureau of Statistics launched South Sudan Info in Juba.

South Sudan Info is a database indicator developed to promote access to information on development outcomes in the country.

The NBS’ Director General said the system will help the Government and other institutions to effectively monitor progress and social development activities in South Sudan.

More than 130 countries in the world adapted Development Information usually shortened to as DevInfo.

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