Unknown Gunman Kills Boda Boda Rider Along Panyagor–Poktap Road

Twic East County authorities have reported that unknown gunman killed a motorcyclist between Duk and Twic East counties as he was headed to Panyagor in Twic East County.

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 17 September 2013 [Gurtong] – The victim was reported to have been driving from Poktap heading Panyagor, a Twic east county headquarters on Sunday when he was attacked.

Speaking to the media, Twic East County Commisioner, Adau Akoi Jurkuch says the Boda Boda cyclist shot dead by unknown gunman and the police from both counties of Duk and Twic East are searching for the criminal in the area were the incident happened but there was no source found to verify the attackers in the area.

On September 5, Jonglei State director of Traffic Police, Solomon Mabior Ruar issued an order stopping all the foreign boda-boda businessmen from operating in Jonglei state.

The order was an implementation of the national minister of interior and wildlife conservation that issued an order stopping licensing motor circles being operated by foreigners Boda-Boda groups in South Sudan.

The director of traffic police said that any violation to this order will lead to the confiscation of Boda-Boda riders and the accused will be prosecuted before the court of law in accordance to provision of South Sudan laws.

He said that each and every foreigner has right to choose between two lines of either selling or take along his/her motorbikes.

“Whoever among the foreigners wants to sell his/her motorbike, he/she must come to traffic to take letter of agreement with the buyer,” he said.

Twic East and Duk counties are areas where people fear much because of the insecurity being created by cattle raiders and child abductors in Jonglei state.

In August this year suspected Murle killed and raided large number of livestock in a cattle camp, in Alelei leaving thousands of people deserted the village due to fear and hunger caused by a group suspected to be loyal to renegade David Yau Yau militia group in eastern parts of Jonglei state.

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