Sudan Bombs Warrap: State Officials

South Sudan’s Warrap State has accused the Sudanese Air Forces (SAF) of bombing inside its territory between Twic and Gogrial West counties.

By Ariik Atekdit

MALAKAL, 27 September 2013 [Gurtong] - In the morning of Wednesday a Sudanese gunship crossed into Warrap state in Panliet Payam at a place called Achol-Pagong and bombed but there are no casualties reported so far.

“We got the information that Khartoum air forces have launched aerial attack in Gogrial West County between Panliet and Wunrok towns,” Ariik Mawien Gum, a citizen of Warrap told Gurtong on phone from Kuacjok.

“In the morning, we went to our offices but there were no such reports. During lunch time, we were informed about this incidence and we confirmed it. It is true people have already gone to the scene. Thank God, the bombardments have caused no casualties.”

 The Commissioner of Twic County in Warrap state, Biar Biar confirmed the incidence, saying Sudanese army is to blame.

“I am in Twic County as we talk. In the morning, we heard a gunship passing over our place coming from the north. And after sometime, we heard reports and bombardments in the neighbouring Gogrial West County,” Biar said.

“It is a Sudanese gunship. They are trying to drive South Sudan into war because of the referendum of Abyei area.”

According to the commissioner, the bombardments were targeting a bridge at Wunrok town in Twic County.

“They are trying to break the bridge of Wunrok to stop the movement of the people towards Abyei area. Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) has encroached into the North of Abyei because they want war to destroy the referendum. This is not acceptable,” he retorted.

He said South Sudan will ensure protection of the bridge, its territory and the citizens.  South Sudan and Sudan are struggling over the oil-rich Abyei area which was annexed to Sudan in 1905 and now both countries claim it.

Abyei was supposed to conduct a referendum alongside South Sudan on 9 Jan 2011 according to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) but delayed due to disputes between Khartoum and Juba on who should vote. 

The Africa Union has proposed the referendum to determine the status of Abyei to be conducted in October this year but Khartoum objects.

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27/09/2013, 4:08 PM
 - Posted by Athian Athian Dut
One really wonders on what exactly does the Khartoum government wants to do, it is fighting civil in Darfur, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains and now trying to drag South Sudan to war over Abyei. What Khratoum should know is that we the South Sudanese are law abiding and peaceful people and not interested in wars.
South Sudan is and will always stick to international laws. we strongly support AU's proposal that the people of Abyei should determine their own destiny through referendum that the regime in Khartoum is trying to sabotage which is not acceptable under any circumstances.
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