State To Add Security Outposts Along Torit-Kapoeta Highway

The Eastern Equatoria State Local Government, Law Enforcement and Wildlife Conservation Minister, Charles Ambrose Lokonoi, has announced that the government will establish more security outposts along the Torit-Kapoeta highway to address the ongoing security threats.

State To Add Security Outposts Along Torit-Kapoeta Highway
Eastern Equatoria State Local Government, Law Enforcement and Wildlife Conservation Minister, Charles Ambrose Lokonoi. [File]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 03 October 2013 [Gurtong] – The minister said the move once implemented as planned will secure human and property safety from bandits in the area.

The Minister said the Eastern Equatoria government has ordered the public transport vehicles travelling to Kapoeta from Torit to go with security personnel as escort but always must move in convoys.

He explained a rationale behind the move as a response a recent attack where a car last Thursday where two passengers killed with one being wounded along Loriyok-Kapoeta highway where three suspects were arrested.

In December last year, the State government vowed to uphold human rights practice as the authorities pursue criminal elements that have been organising cattle raids and stealing from citizens along the Torit-Kapoeta road where many lives have been lost.

The Deputy Governor, Jerome Gama Surur said that the state government was exerting pressure to ensure observance of human rights; democracy, freedom and that the rule of law remains key.

He appealed to the state citizens to cooperate in order to eliminate the ill practices of people who kill innocent ones on the expenses of acquiring wealth.

“I am appealing to the citizens of Eastern Equatoria State to follow and cooperate with their government in order to ensure a violation of human rights no longer exist in the state. We want to be exemplary,” he said.

Surur said that respect and tolerance are key values underlining the freedom and human rights of the people and that the government is condemning human rights abuses being practised across the state by irresponsible elements of citizens by raiding, lootings, robberies and ambushing on highway.

Last year, the state governor Louis Lobong Lojore said that the church has been so instrumental in the advocacy of the South Sudanese people’s right for freedom, struggled shoulder to shoulder with the movement in the realization of the independence.

He said there is absolute need to immediately educate the people to shift from these negative ways of living and embrace the culture of peaceful co-existence, tolerance and forgiveness.

The governor appealed to the entire leadership of the Christian Church in Eastern Equatoria State to actively take a major role in educating our population the negative aspect of cattle theft, cattle rustling, highway robbery and all those things that negatively do not contribute to the development of the nation.

He said a country without peace and stability will have no place in today’s developing world and will always stay behind in terms of development as there is nothing meaningful that can take place in an unstable society.

The Eastern Equatoria State parliament passed a resolution urging the state government to immediately combat crime and insecurity in the state following outcry from the members on the rising cases of insecurity along the Torit-Kapoeta road where many lives have been lost.

The resolution also stated that the constitutional post holders, MPs both at state and national level, civil servants, who are found inciting the communities the communities and sabotaging the resolution with aim to cause insecurity across must be arrested to face the law.

The Commissioners of Torit, Lopa/Lafon, and Kapoeta counties were directed to create awareness to the citizens and advice them not to move with guns along the roads.

The minister said that to be deployed forces will have positive impact on the highway because the highway will always be monitored and patrolled accordingly.

He recommended the state be helpful parliament by cooperating with the executive branch through re-adoption of Peace and Justice Mission which the House in 2011 passed for implementation.

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