About 150 Business Trucks Stranded On Mundri-Mvolo Road

More than 150 heavy loaded business trucks are stranded on the road between Mundri West and Mvolo County in Western Equatoria State, an official has said.

About 150 Trucks Stranded Along Mundri-Mvolo Road
Trucks stranded on the Mundri-Mvolo road. [Petia Suliman Loro]

By Petia Suliman Loro

MUNDRI WEST, 11 October 2013 [Gurtong] – Lexson Mobruk, the commissioner of Mundri West County in Western Equatoria State told Gurtong that the trucks are believed to be carrying food items, goods and fuel to the Northern States of South Sudan which are hit by the recent floods.

Lexson said if the road is not worked on as soon as possible, the six Northern States of South Sudan will be cut off from the seat of the central government, Juba.

He added there is fear of outbreak of diseases such as malaria and diarrhea, as the stranded travelers hardly have mobile health facilities and pit latrines.

The passengers included children and women sleeping under harsh weather condition on the road as the down pour continue.

One of the truck drivers who declined to mention his name said he has spent four days on the road with a lot of suffering, adding that the government should help improve the condition of the roads to ease movement in the country.

Some of the passengers have so far spent more than two weeks on the road.

The passengers are being fed by the villagers settling along the poor road section who rushed with their subsistence food items to sell to the stranded travelers at a reduced price.

Lexson urged the Western Equatoria State Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges and the Central Government to put hands together so as to rehabilitate the poor road sections in the state.

He said Mundri West County has no road maintenance equipments and financial power to put the road in good shape.

The road condition has also hindered services delivery to the communities in the counties and the state.

The transport fare and the prices of goods in the states are most likely to go high due to the poor road condition as the military, police, prison and the civilians in Mundri West County have joined hands to fill up the potholes on the main road connecting Juba and the Western Equatoria State.

The World Food Programme is soon going to work on the Mundri West – Bangalo road in Western Equatoria State.

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