South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda And Ethiopia Agree On Measures To Control The Karamoja

The government of the Republic of South Sudan together with Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia through the support of IGAD have signed a communiqué in Kampala to disarm and control the movement of the Karamoja group who are raiding cattle and posing insecurity in South Sudan.

KAMPALA, 15 October 2013 (NASS) - The communiqué also stresses the importance of carrying developmental projects and introduction of basic services in the Karamoja areas to discourage them from raiding cattle and join the other people in the process of development.

Uganda has already started the disarmament process and building of schools in the Karamoja areas although there are a few challenges in the process of changing the Karamoja life style.

In her remarks during the conference that was organized on Karamoja, the Ugandan first lady who is also the minister for Karamoja Affairs, Madam Janet Museveni advised that cattle raiding will only be eradicated when the governments of the four countries where Karamoja people exist in provide basic services, schools and other developmental projects.

The government of the Republic of South Sudan through its minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation affirmed that it will embark on a disarmament process in due course to ensure that the few arms in the hands of the hiding Karamoja are removed to secure peace for the people of Eastern Equatoria.

Although parliamentarians from both Eastern Equatoria and South Sudan national parliament welcomed the disarmament initiative they advised that it be done beyond the Karamoja cluster so as to prevent the other communities who are pastoralists from taking advantage to raid the Karamoja’s cattle.

Reported by Martin Jada Gabriel, News Agency of South Sudan (NASS)

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