Peter A. Sule Released, Denies Claims Of Supporting Rebellion

The government has released Peter A. Sule following President Salva Kiir’s pardon announced last week Monday.

Peter A. Sule Released, Denies Claims Of Supporting Rebellion
Peter A. Sule (C) with the Minority leader, Hon. Onyoti Adigo (L) and an opposition leader addressing the media months to his arrest in 2011[File]

By Waakhe Simon Wudu

JUBA, 16 October 2013 [Gurtong] – Sule was pardoned together with several political and militia leaders.

According to the Citizen English daily newspaper, Sule denied allegations that he was rebelling against the government, saying he was just fleeing the country claiming his life was in danger.

“My life was in danger that is why I decided to move out of the country without anybody knowing about it. I went to the President to share issues with him but he refused to listen to me telling me to leave the country if I felt the atmosphere was not good,” Sule claimed.

“It was during that time that I started planning to run to Uganda for my dear life because Juba had become hot for me. It was really a hard time during my arrest because the SPLA stopped my car and started shooting with plans to kill me but God was on my side. I wonder why they started shooting at us and not just arrested us and taken us to court if they had any charges against us,” Sule said.

Sule said he was arrested in an army uniform and a pistol which he said can not shoot up to a far distance.

“The only weapon that I was having was my pistol that cannot even shoot a long distance,” Sule who is a lawyer by profession said.

He said he is ready to continue with politics because it was something in his dream while in school then.

“It is not in my mind to join the SPLM party,” he said adding that the “Late Dr. John Garang De Mabior during the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) approached me to join the movement but I declined.”

He said that; “democracy is not a tribe but it is a national interest and people follow a party because they appreciate the good policies in it.”

Sule, the Chairperson of one of the South Sudan’s popular opposition political parties, United Democratic Front (UDF) was arrested by the South Sudan army, SPLA, in November 2011 in Western Equatoria State on allegations that he was forming another rebel group against the South Sudan government.

He was one of the gubernatorial contestants for Central Equatoria State during the 2010 general elections challenged by many of the opposition parties as being rigged.

Sule then lost to Gen. Clement Wani Konga, the current Central Equatoria State Governor who won on SPLM ticket.

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