78 People Killed in Jonglei-Rebel’s Attacks

At least 78 people, including eight policemen have been killed in Twic East County of Jonglei State in the David Yau Yau led attack on Sunday, officials said.

78 People Killed in Jonglei-Rebel’s Attacks
South Sudan Army Spokesman Col. Philip Aguer said the floods have inhibited rapid response [Gurtong file]

By Waakhe Simon Wudu and Jacob Achiek Abraham

JUBA – 21 October 2013 [Gurtong] This is the worst suspected Yau Yau- led attack since the last one in August this year. 

Dau Akoi Jurkuc, the Twic East County Commissioner told Gurtong that, the attacks took place in Ajong and Pakeer payams of Twic in which Yau Yau forces also attacked and killed scores in August this year.

“My reports that in Ajong, 30 people have been killed among them were children and women. We found that there are 33 wounded and 10 people missing and 20 children abducted,” Dau said.

“In Pakeer payam, we found that 48 people were killed, 55 wounded, 4 children abducted and four people missing and 43 houses were burnt down,” Dau said, adding; “this figure is likely to increase.”

“People are currently in fear and panic,” Dau said. He said the rebel forces came with heavy weapons that included automatic machine guns and Rapid Propeller Grenades (RPGs) and other.

The World Food Program (WFP) and the Red Cross are involved in transporting the victims to Bor and Juba hospitals, the officials said.

Jacob Achiek, the Gurtong Trust’s Jonglei State Correspondent said scores of victims with serious injuries are being transported to Bor Hospital. 

“There were several of the victims flown by WFP to the hospital. I saw. Some of them are wounded badly,” Achiek said. 

There was no army on ground when the attacks occurred according to Dau said. The only eight policemen who were in Pakeer payam maintaining law and order were all killed during the attacks.

He said there is need for immediate aid, protection and provision of basic services to the community.  South Sudan’s Army Spokesman Col. Philip Aguer said despite efforts to dispatch forces to the area, effect of flood could not allow.

South Sudan has repeatedly accused Khartoum of supporting militias including Yau Yau fighting its government. The incident occurred just two days ahead of Sudanese President, Omar Hassan Al Bashir’s visit to Juba. His advance team has now arrived in the Juba capital.

In a statement released, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) who had thousands of its peace keepers deployed in Jonglei but were not in Twic East during the incident condemned the attack.

UNMISS said it has dispatched a team of investigators from its UN police, human rights, civil affairs and human rights components, along with South Sudan National Police Service to investigate the attacks, ascertain the identity of the attackers, and determine the accurate number of causalities.

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23/10/2013, 7:50 PM
 - Posted by Jok Peter Mayom
Oooooooooooh my God, when will this fighting in Jonglei State stop.

This is the time government have to wake up and the so called UN and International Community to set eyes on the citizens.
Government must do something in terms of protection of citizens in the country. such huge number can n't just be killed like that, it seems there is still no peace achieved.
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