"Agaar Community Marginalised" Open Letter To President

"The Agaar community feels marginalised and is once again reminded of those dark days of oppression as once more evidenced by the recent government reshuffle."

  Your Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit

President of the Republic of South Sudan

Juba,  Nov, 1st, 2013

 Your Excellency,

It is now less than four months since we celebrated the second anniversary of our independence, which marked an important milestone in the history of our nascent nation. As you know, Mr. President, the two wars that were fought to bring us to where we are today as an independent nation, were fought with an unprecedented degree of sacrifice and courage by all the people of South Sudan including members of Agaar community. This community today across the globe is proud of their contribution and their unwavering stand in both wars.

However, such significant degree of contribution by our community has not always been matched with an equal level of participation in the administration and the management of our resources and the affairs of our nation as it has been the case with other communities. This is a concern to us as a community and must not be concealed from the public or from the leadership of South Sudan anymore. It is with such concern, Mr. President, that we are writing to you as a community to ask you to not forget us! As a leader who fought both wars of liberation, we have no doubt that you profoundly understand the consequences of marginalization. The Agaar community feels marginalized and is once again reminded of those dark days of oppression as once more evidenced by the recent government reshuffle.

Now Mr. President, it is about time to ask ourselves what will lift us up as a country and remind ourselves in a more direct manner. We humbly ask for nothing more than our fair share of development and a level of participation that is proportionate to the size of our population and our contribution towards the pursuit of our national causes and the interests of our people throughout the glorious history of our struggle. No one can deny that we were part and parcel of the story of our liberation. Now we wonder why we should be left out in the management of our independent country.

 Mr. President, we are hopeful that you will respond positively to our concerns and May God bless and guide your leadership and the Republic of South Sudan.

Thank you


The Agaar Communities represented by:

1. Eng. Ezekiel Mabor Manguen Chairman of Agaar Communities Federation in Canada (ACFC)

2. Mr. Daljang Musa Mangok Chairman of Agaar communities in United States of America

3. Mr. David Mabor Chadar Chairman of Agaar Community in Armidale and New England, NSW, Australia

4. Mr. John  Marol Malou Chairman of Agaar Community in Perth, Australia

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