South Sudan Drama Group Seeks Support From Government

The former Chairperson of Nile Cultural Group for Drama in Upper Nile state has urged South Sudanese and the government to support drama groups in the country to promote peace and unity across the country.

South Sudan Drama Group Seeks Help From Government
Nile drama group members entertaining guests in Malakal. [Ariik Atekdit]

By Ariik Atekdit

MALAKAL, 09 November [Gurtong] - Ustaz Yohanna Achuil Nyikayo said that there are many talented youths with interests in various states of South Sudan who want to work for the promotion of African cultures, peace and unity but have no support to deliver their thoughts and talents to the nation.

“There are ideas and talents inside every youth to deliver something to the people to make this country look real and unique among the many countries of the world. But due to lack of almost everything that supports their plans, youth are always frustrated and lose hope on future successes that may lie ahead,” Achuil said.

Factors affecting the dramas and many other cultural activities in South Sudan include lack of theatres, media production centres and trainings of youth on some important keys for modernization of the performances.

Achuil asked the governments whether in the state or at national level to build standard theatres across the country to promote and liberate South Sudanese cultures from the foreign civilizations that want to erode them out.

“We are looking for spaces and capacities to improve the performances of the dramatists. Can you believe that there is no theatre in Upper Nile State? I think what might be there has no any standard at all. And this cannot promote the work and the interests of the artists,” he said.

Achuil suggested that the national South Sudan Television (SSTV) should give a space for drama performances to educate South Sudanese and other people about the image of this country.

He said any dramatist has dream of make a film that finds a solution to social, political and may economic problems that are found available in the country.

“South Sudanese are creative. They have rich cultures and possible literatures that can be translated into films that can promote the nation and bring money to the country like the way it happens in Nigeria in Africa for example,” he said.

Yohanna Achuil Nyikayo was the founder of the current famous Nile Cultural Group for Drama in Malakal which has the dreams of promoting peace and unity among all the counties in the state.

Achuil said, “It is one of the objectives to make a film that addresses issues connected to solutions to conflicts in South Sudan.”

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