South Sudan Poised To Ratify The Convention On The Child Rights Of The Child


On the eve of the 24th anniversary of the Convention on the rights of the child (CRC), children in South Sudan today called on their Government to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the international treaty that defines children’s rights as human beings and their need for special care and protection.

South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, is one of just three countries in the world that is yet to ratify the CRC.

A group of South Sudanese school-children at a lobbying event in Juba this morning, urged their Parliamentarians to approve the bill that will recommend ratification of the Convention.

A prominent group of Parliamentarians is hopeful the bill will be approved during a Parliamentary session on the Convention’s anniversary.

“The CRC bill has been presented to the National Assembly and the Assembly Business Committee and has been duly processed by the Specialized Committee for Children in the Parliament. It is due for deliberation in Parliament this week and we are hopeful that it will be recommended for ratification,” said Honourable Anne Abyei, Member of the South Sudanese Parliamentary Committee of Gender, Child, Social Welfare, Religious Affairs, Youth and Sports.

The CRC is the world’s most widely ratified international treaty that spells out the basic human rights that children everywhere have:

  • to survival;
  • to develop to the fullest;
  • to protection from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation;
  • and to participate fully in family, cultural and social life.

South Sudan, which became an independent nation on 9 July 2011, has already made great strides in ensuring that the rights of children are protected by adhering to The Southern Sudan Child Act 2008, the localized version of the CRC, which was adopted several years before South Sudan gained its independence.

UNICEF, in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Child, Social Welfare, Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan and Save the Children International have been working hard to ensure that the Government of South Sudan ratifies the CRC.

“We are excited and encouraged by the recent progress and are hoping that the CRC will be ratified on 20th November, the global commemoration of the CRC,” said UNICEF’s Chief of Child Protection, Ms Fatuma Ibrahim, adding, “UNICEF and other partners are looking forward to supporting the Government in its efforts to implement the CRC.”


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