Bishop Hiiboro Calls For Economy Diversification

The Catholic Bishop of Tombura-Yambio Diocese Edward Barani Hiiboro has for diversification of the economy of South Sudan other than depending on only oil.

Bishop Hiiboro Calls For Economy Diversification
Bishop Edward Barani Hiiboro calls for diversification of the economy. [Gurtong| Joseph Nashion]

By Joseph Nashion

YAMBIO, 9 December 2013 [Gurtong] - His appeal comes days after the president announced austerity budget would be waved off early next year. The bishop said although the oil production shutdown had disastrous effects on the citizens, it provided an opportunity to shift minds from oil to other alternative revenue sources. 

The Bishop urges citizens not to wait for the oil money but rather use the oil money to stimulate their ongoing projects like agriculture and appealed to the citizens to be creative to provide other sources of revenue to develop the country. 

The bishop also hailed the relative peace and political calm in the country. “We are grateful that up to now the country has not gone into serious national crisis in terms of war within and with a neighbouring country,” he said.

The man of God like others feared the change of cabinet in August could have resulted to crisis but he expressed happiness for the calm exhibited by the public.

Much as he approved of the action of the president for the good of the citizens, Bishop Hiiboro is concerned about the powers of presidency. “He seems to have a lot of power.  We hope the constitution will work upon this because it is scaring.  People need to look at it carefully.  If there is too much power in the hands of the president without being checked, it could be dangerous when we don’t have moment of collaborating in taking major decisions,” he said.

Hiiboro warned against rampant changing of ministers which in itself would be a problem in achieving the set plans as every minister may have a different approach and priorities.

As Christmas draws closer, the Bishop urged all South Sudanese to celebrate the festive season peacefully and shun corrupt tendencies.

“I am urging the general public to fight corruption as we approach this day of the birth of Jesus Christ.  You can see Rwanda is counted among the most trusted countries in Africa in terms of transparency. When you begin on the wrong note, it is difficult to set it right in all area of nepotism and tribalism,” he stressed. 

He urged the citizens to embrace the spirit of hard work and shun laziness as he also urged the government to plan according to priorities.

The Bishop urged Western Equatorians to work diligently to eradicating HIV/Aids.  “We need to work together as a community; government and the parliament should enact a bill so that every activity we do contains a message on HIV/AIDS.”


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