State Minister Vows To Improve Youth Activities

Upper Nile State’s Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports has said his ministry will work hard to improve all youth, cultural and sports activities the ministry is mandated to do.

State Minister Vows To Improve Youth Activities
Upper Nile State Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports Hon. Gatluak Liphoth Diew has vowed to improve youth activities in the state [Gurtong| Ariik Atekdit]

By Ariik Atekdit

MALAKAL, 15 December 2013 [Gurtong] -
The newly appointed Minister Hon. Gatluak Liphoth Diew said his first priority is a total cooperation between him and workers so that they keep punctuality and carry out their activities without fail.

“This ministry is very important and I must work for its success. I want to make sure that sport and cultural activities must return to their maximum so that majority of youth participate,” Diew said.

Diew acknowledged that Upper Nile state is rich with cultures and diversities that need resources to develop them.

“I thank the Governor for appointing me in this ministry because this is a country of its own. Youth are the active members of the country and every person or nation is identified by their cultures and sports are also very important activities internationally,” he said. 

“I will make sure that there must be reactivation of everything here,” he said.

The Governor of Upper Nile, Simon Kun had earlier on instructed the newly appointed cabinet to work hard lest lose their ministerial seats within 90 days to new persons.

“Within these three months we have to show our abilities and love for our work so that we achieve a credit on service delivery. I have told workers in my ministry to work together with me so that they too
succeed and I will succeed with them for that matter,” Diew added.

He urged youth and those interested in cultural activities to resume their work and create a new space in the society. Diew said his administration will exert more efforts to keep youth busy and promote cultures of different communities in the state.


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