Religious Leaders Urge Parties Involved In Juba Clashes To Use Democratic Means

The Bishop of Episcopal Church of South Sudan who is also the Chairperson for Peace and Reconciliation Committee Daniel Deng Bul has called for calm following the fighting by the SPLA soldiers in Juba and directed the parties to use democratic way of discussing issues.

Religious Leaders Urge Parties Involved In Juba Clashes To Use Democratic Means
The Arch Bishop of the Anglican Church in South Sudan Daniel Deng Bul. [File]

By Jok P Mayom

MALAKAL, 16 December 2013 [Gurtong]- “I am a appealing to whoever is shooting that if there are any grievances that people are disagreeing on it then they should use the democracy way,” said Bul.

Bul said that this will not be good for the people of South Sudan because people have suffered enough and they cannot run again in case of war outbreak.

“This month is what we call a holy month our people are preparing for Christmas. It will not be acceptable for us this time really to disturb the tranquillity of our people” he said.

The chairperson for the South Sudan Human Right Commission Laurence Kobandi also urged both parties to stop the shooting.

“At this moment as the human right commission we can express our deep concern about the shooting in Juba based military barrack,” Laurence said adding that as a commission they urged the parties to embrace and seek a peaceful solution.

Catholic Bishop of Yambio Edward Hiiboro appealled for calm and urged the parties to stop the violence.

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