Mini-Skirt Ban At University Prompts Protest

Bahr El Ghazal University students have staged demonstrations against the order issued out by the Dean of Students Affairs, Stephen Gum, preventing them from wearing miniskirts and trousers in the campus.

Mini-Skirt Ban At University Prompts Protest
Bahr El Ghazal University Dean for Students Affairs banned the wearing of miniskirts and trousers at the university. [File]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 17 December 2013 [Gurtong] - The demonstration on Friday started after the office of Dean for Students Affairs banned the wearing of miniskirts and trousers and abruptly carried out another order on Thursday evening for closing female hostels at 7:30 pm which resulted to more than 70 female students locked out that night, according to the female students representative, Mary Maker.

“We are against all these illegal orders, imagine we don’t have feeding programme this year in the hostels and most of us always go outside looking for something to eat and in this process sometimes we return late in the evening,” said Maker.

She said the regulations of closing gate at 7:30 pm and clothing must be look into properly by the University Administration, especially the office for Dean of Students Affairs before enforcing it as it is an abuse of their legitimate rights.

“This university is a higher institution, which has open culture and all of us regardless of our sex as women are responsible for our bodies as well conscious enough for whatever things that we do here,” Maker further noted.

Maker further asserted that the University Administration has not consulted the female students over miniskirts and time outline but solely decided to enforce it.

“We listen to Western Bahr El Ghazal state authorities, which announced earlier the prevention of miniskirts, but we will not listen to University, because wearing miniskirts and trousers in higher institutions exception of Islamic countries is part of learning,” she added.

Justa Thomas another representative of female students also revealed that the University Administration must deal with pertinent issues facing the students and university at large, instead of trying to marginalize women by abusing their rights.

“University is an institution that always strives for respect of fundamental human rights, however, the illegal regulations that the office of Dean for students Affairs want to enforce on female students are absolutely wrong,” she added.

She said the students have been suffering following the decision made by the government to stop the feeding programme, accommodation and tuition fee.

She calls upon the government through the Ministry of Education Science and Technology to talk with administration before the action ignites protests.

The University Administration office of Dean for students Affairs justified that the female students misuse the freedom in the campus and hang out even in the odd hours without respecting the institution.

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