Larim (Buya) and Toposa vow to completely end conflict

TORIT, Dec 21 (Gurtong) - Larim and Toposa communities successfully ended a five-day youth peace & reconciliation conference on Sunday held in Kimotong Payam, Budi county.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

Lomoi, organizing chairman of the conference told Gurtong that the conference aimed at putting to an end the conflict between the two Eastern Equatorian ethnic groups; the Larim and Toposa. The groups’ representatives agreed to no longer fight.

“Although in the beginning of the conference (an official) attempted to disrupt the conference, saying that he didn’t know about the conference and said that no gathering of this kind can be without his consent, the two communities outnumbered him,” said Lomoi.

He said youth and elders had extensively discussed the root causes of the conflicts between the two groups that have killed and created insecurity for decades. They both recommended the opening up of Napak-Riwoto road as a line of communication to bring a link between themselves.

Among the attendance were Morris Kaunda, Minister for Physical Infrastructure, Patrick Lodianga minister for Social Development, the Commissioner for Kapoeta South and Commissioner for Kapoeta North {Riwoto}and the Budi Commissioner.

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