Yambio's Villa Club Resumes Training

Villa United Football Club which qualified for the reconciliation league has this week resumed their training after they took a break during the festive season.

Yambio's Villa Club Resumes Training
Villa United Football Club players with their head coach during their first of training in 2014 in Yambio. [Joseph Nashion]

By Joseph Nashion

YAMBIO, 12 January 2014 [Gurtong] - “We have resumed our normal training this week to prepare ourselves also for the reconciliation league whose final was supposed to be played last year but of the violence started in Juba hindered it,” Head Coach Mr. Christopher Bakosoro said.

He added that they will not wait for the information from the local football association to come and inform them then they can start training but rather the information of when the final is to be played will get them ready.

He further said the team is not badly off because the break was too short so he believes they are fit for any game that comes their way and will be ready even though there are still some players who haven’t returned from their short leave and are expected to report to the camp next week for their training.

“We have come a long way to reach this final with lots of challenges and I want to stand here to give my gratitude to the team for putting much effort regardless of the challenges and lack of funds to support them during training but all in all they will manage,” he said.

When asked about transfer of new players, he said the club wants seven new players to join but whoever they applied for from other clubs were expensive.

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