Over 200 Civilians Drown In Ferry Disaster

At least 200 people are reported to have drowned in a ferry accident on the White Nile river as they were fleeing from rebel attacks in Malakal, Upper Nile State, an official said Tuesday.

By Waakhe Simon Wudu

JUBA, 14 January 2014 [Gurtong] – Col. Philip Aguer, the SPLA Spokesman said that; “yes the report we got is that these people were trying to escape” rebels’ attacks on Malakal.

He explained that, forces loyal to Riek Machar had been sending messages to everyone in Malakal saying Malakal is under attack and people started running into different directions.

“One of the barges used to cross the river to the Shilluk Kingdom was overloaded with more than 200 women and children and unfortunately it sunk and all the passengers perished," Aguer said.

Describing the incident “disastrous,” Aguer said the forces loyal to Riek should be held accountable for the accident.

Fighting has been reported in Malakal as rebel forces staged an attack to seize the town for the second time since the conflict began on December 15.

According to the United Nations, some 400,000 South Sudanese civilians have fled their homes over the past month.


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14/01/2014, 6:31 PM
 - Posted by Majak Peter
May their souls rest in peace. Hilde Johnson, Riek and his western imperialists from US and UK must be held accountable for that incident. they have really destroyed our country by supporting a criminal who should be taken to ICC for war crimes against humanity he made in 1991 and in the ongoing current conflict in the country.
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