3 Policemen Wounded in Kal-thok Clashes

Authorities in Yirol West County of Lakes state are reporting that three members of South Sudan Police Services (SSP) were wounded and now admitted in Yirol West hospital after a gunfire exchange with forces loyal to former Vice President Riek Machar.

3 Policemen Wounded in Kal-thok Clashes
Aerial view of Kal-thok residence in Awerial County of Lakes state [Gurtong]

By Gabriel Mayom

RUMBEK, January 23, 2014 (Gurtong) - The incident occurred on Wednesday morning around 9:00am in Kal-thok located south-west of Awerial County of Lakes state.

Majak Ruei Angong, Yirol West County commissioner said that deserters were running away from Juba after hiding at Jabel-Lado area around Juba for days.

He said on Tuesday night, SPLA operation in Juba discovered the rebels’ hideout in Juba and an attack was launched which forced them to flee to Lakes state with aim of crossing to Unity state.

Ruei however said Lakes state government is well prepared to protect it civilians, saying civilians are also more prepared to protect their payam and bomas without army.

“We are well prepared to protect civilians across Lakes state – our civilians are well prepared to protect Payam or Boma of where they belong – the army is patrolling all suspected routes that rebels could use to move toward Unity state,” he said.

Majak said Kal-thok was not attacked but deserters were seeking a way along the River Nile that would lead them into Unity state. 

“We have fought them and now they are being hunted down one by one along the Nile – we have moved all IDP from Guol-Yar to Bunagok because we need to clear all bushes around Awerial till River Nile.” 

He said the defectors stole one solar panel and a long rang Radio communication in Kal-thok with small food that they even threw away as they ran for their lives. “We are not happy with those rebels; we need that radio communication back. With confidence, none of those rebels will cross into Unity state,” said Majak.

Lakes State Governor Maj-Gen Matur Chut Dhuol immediately move his office to Yirol West County for close monitoring of the situation along three counties of Greater Yirol composed of Awerial, Yirol West and Yirol East along Shambe route.

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