22 Killed In Fresh Attack In South Sudan

At least 22 people have been reportedly killed and eight others wounded in a fresh cattle raid in Tonj North County of Warrap State.

By Ariik Atekdit

JUBA, 31 January 2014 [Gurtong] - The people suspected to be anti-government forces loyal to the former deputy President Dr. Riek Machar attacked and made away with scores of herds of cattle this morning.

The army spokesperson Col. Philip Aguer confirmed the attacked though could not give more details.

“Yes we heard there was attack on a cattle camp but we are still establishing the identity of the attackers. We are waiting for confirmation from the ground to know exactly who attacked,” said Aguer.

According to state officials in Warrap State, Ariik in Alabek Payam was heavily attacked early in the morning today.

Bol Akoon, a resident in the Warrap state capital, Kuacjok suspects the attackers to be forces loyal to Rieck Machar.

"They have attacked Cattle Camps in grazing-land.  The attackers are believed to be rebels because they have heavy guns. They have scared the civil population in Toich (swampy areas) and took their cattle at Domogro, Keng and Wunkuach," he said.

Ariik Kuol, a citizen of the area and now residing in Warrap Town said people have been killed and others severely wounded.

"We have talked to the people in Alabek Payam using radio call but the information is that 22 people were killed and 8 others wounded. We don't know their names and details but they are said to have been killed by the rebels," Kuol said.

This according to state residents is the third time the rebels have attacked Warrap state's Tonj North County since the rebellion began in mid-December in Juba and later spread to other parts of the country. Konggor was another area attacked.

Gurtong tried to call the Commissioner of Tonj North County but it could not be reached.


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