Cemeteries For Soldiers Needed

"Our Government MUST designate burial cemeteries for dead SPLA soldiers

Morris K. Yoll

I hope our government has already designated burial grounds for its soldiers killed on the line of duty.  If this hasn’t been done already, then it is an honorable thing to do as an honor and a tribute for fallen military men who died protecting sovereignty of their beloved nation. 

I write in the light of this, because I had a conversation with someone who lamented that a body of his relative, a soldier who was wounded on December 15 incident and later died in Juba hospital, was dumped in unknown burial ground.  He said that the deceased family was informed of his death and when they came to the hospital hours later to claim his body, they were told that his body was taken for burial. 

Their inquiry to locate the final resting place for their loved one was futile, he said.  They could not find where the body was finally buried. 

I could not believe him and still don't believe this happened, however; he said this has actually occurred.  He then added that there was no a designated burial ground in Juba for soldiers even.  This prompted my curiosity to write this piece. I hope the story is a lie.  But if it is true, then I ask our government to act immediately on this regard. 

Besides, I saw mayor of Bor Town, Jonglei State yesterday talking about designated burial areas for about 2500 bodies for those who were killed in and around city.  I highly applaud this heroic idea and hope that every state affected by this war does the same thing.  Such cemeteries would serve as a history of our nation that would remind future generations of what happened in order to avoid devilish temptation of power greed. 

Not only that, military cemeteries exhibits proud history of a nation and those who had died serving it gallantly. 

Indeed, it is a must that each sate allocates a burial ground for soldiers so that those soldiers that die in front line serving the nation are honorably buried so that their families later locate, with ease, their finally resting place on which the can place flowers as remembrance, honor of their services and love.

Morris K. Yoll, Alberta-Canada. He could be reached @  Myoll2002@yahoo.com. 403-228-3290. Morris is a concern South Sudanese Canadian in the Diaspora. 

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