President Kiir: ICC Can Investigate Atrocities In South Sudan

President Salva Kiir said the International Criminal Court (ICC) is welcomed to investigate any atrocities committed in the country following the outbreak of the political turmoil in December last year.

President Kiir: ICC Can Investigate Atrocities In South Sudan
President Kiir at a press briefing. [File]

By Waakhe Simon Wudu

JUBA – 6 February 2014 [Gurtong] -  “The ICC may have a very limited role to play but if they want to come they will come. All our areas they will be facilitated to go there and find out,” said Kiir on Thursday, while addressing the SPLM Caucus meeting at Freedom Hall in Juba.

South Sudan is not yet a signatory to the Rome Statute.

He said his government has already formed a committee which is now investigating on atrocities committed during the fighting between forces loyal to him and those of his former deputy Riek Machar.

“Already, we have constituted a committee to investigate the human right abuses that have been committed in South Sudan. The SPLA and the Police have also constituted their own committees they are investigating their own personnel; those who have looted or killed somebody,” Kiir said.

On December 15, 2013 violence broke out in the South Sudan capital Juba and spread to several parts of the country. Thousands of people have been killed and displaced following the crisis.

Last month, the United Nations alleged there are massive violation of human rights by both rebels and government forces. 

Ivan Simonovic, the UN Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights recently said there may be evidence for war crimes committed by both the government and the rebels. 

The president said that it is still “brewing” whether the United Nations Security Council will pass penalties on South Sudan following alleged violations of rights in the country.

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06/02/2014, 6:48 PM
 - Posted by Daniel Wal
The formation of the committee by same president to investigate on the atrocities and human right abuses committed by the forces loyal to him during the fighting in Juba on December 15, 2013 and elsewhere in the Republic of South Sudan can be construed as political masturbation by all accounts.
The South Sudanese people need an independent and competent body to investigate on those genocidal actions and war crimes committed by those merciless and cruel criminals. We hope they will taste the bitterness of their unwarranted actions and the full force o the rule of law.
Daniel G Wal
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