Letter to President Kiir on Payinjiar Killings

"...those behind these barbaric incidences in Payinjiar attack must be brought to book if you are interested in bringing peace to South Sudan. Impunity is worse than the wrongdoer, Mr. President!"

 Dear Mr. President,

I would like to bring to your attention that the troops that you sent to Payinjiar County to pursue rebels did not get your instruction well. They came to attack Pathiel, Mabil, Machar, Kuol, Kol, Majak, Doli, Chuk, Paken, Yub, Palual and Duong villages just to kill people and loot their properties. They killed children, women, elderly and disabled people who could not run for their lives. They also killed three paramount chiefs including Kerbino Nyuon Yar Bol and Keah Tut Ngoal that you knew participated in Wunlit Peace Initiative. Sir, these chiefs would have helped you bring peace to South Sudan if they were not killed by your army. 

Mr. President, these two paramount chiefs tirelessly campaigned for you during April 2010 General Elections. They made enemies and they could not sleep in their houses in 2010 because they wanted you elected president. Why did you kill them?   Why did your army burn, loot and vandalize their villages?

Another barbaric incident that your army got involved during the attack was the demise of Peter Kai Buot Tiop’s mother who was raped first and later skinned to die by your army. She did not die instantly but died later because she was left in the hot sun with her old skin removed from her creasy body and her bones were left to be burnt by the sun heat so that she die. Sir, why was this woman help to die this way? Sadly, she was the woman who voted for you and whose son (Peter Kai Buot) made enemies in 2010 because he wanted you to be the president.

Mr. President, if the rebel project was meant to flash out the rebels between Payinjiar County and Yirol North, why was Yirol North left without being attacked and yet rebels are very much in Ramciel and Awerial?  You can declare it point clear that you do not need any Nuer alive so that we know that we are being cleansed out of South Sudan. Because since (YESTERDAY BUT ONE) Payinjiar was barbarically attacked, you did not condemn it and yet you very well know that the incident had taken place. As a president, there is nothing that can happen in South Sudan without your knowledge. You are only silent because these are Nuer killed and it doesn’t concern you.

Mr. President, we need you to instruct your army again if they did not get well the first instruction you gave them and those behind these barbaric incidences in Payinjiar attack must be brought to book if you are interested in bringing peace to South Sudan. Impunity is worse than the wrongdoer, Mr. President!

Now that Kerbino Nyuon and Keah Tut Ngoal are no more, it will be very hard for you, Mr. President to get friends like Nyuon and Keah in Payinjiar County because these departed two men were your die-hards in history. May their innocent souls rest in peace!

Mr. President, remember that “when someone loves you, the way he says your name is different. You know that your name is safe in his mouth”. But now that Nyuon and Keah are killed by your army, your name is not safe. Do you brag that you don’t care if your name is not safe and rightly said in this community?

“I will love to be called a foolish man of peace than to be called a wise man of war” Isrealmore.


Thudan Gai Majiok

I can be reached at gthudan@yahoo.com

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09/02/2014, 8:46 AM
 - Posted by Akol Maduok Madut Akol
Mr. Thudan Gai Majiok, my condolences to the families of the victims, it is just cattle raiding which has been on for centuries but not Kiir who instructed Gelweng to cleanse Nuer natives because there is cease fire in place. Mr. Riek is accountable for all loses encountered in South Sudan. God must condemn Dr.Riek Nyadak
11/02/2014, 1:37 PM
 - Posted by Keat Bayak
Yes Thudan sorry bro to heard that incident.

But one thing we have to bear in mind, Kiir is not President for all tribes in South Sudan. Because what happen in Juba was targeting only one tribe. Kiir need to finish Nuer tribe in the RSS. But if some nuer are saying this fighting is only differences within SPLA party, it is not . You have seen what had happen in Panyajiar. Governments forces doesn't care which side are you supporting but your tribe matter.

Though some Nuer took up armies, they don' t take up guns to protect Dr. Riek but they took up guns to protect their community.If some Nuer will just sit and say this is government differences, they will be force to sing a song they does't know.
25/02/2014, 10:45 AM
 - Posted by Constantino Lomoro
Dear my fellow citizen,

I could not agree with all the arguement because I don`t support it.Because south Sudan belong to south sudanese people but not only Nuer and Dinka ethnics are owning this country,there whatever crisis arised within the teritory of this country,it affect the whole country event world.

I would strongly advise you my colleagues and brothers as young generation to learn new strategies to combat conflict,corruption and initiate peace for the development of this newly country rather than focusing on war.Precuation is better than cure but you must learn somehting new than negligent.

Lets open our heart in our faith for the sake of God and all mourns for deads and the remnant of war of south Sudan.
Good bless Salva Kiir and his Ex-rebel opposition former V president of south Sudan.

We the citizen must stand on guard to protect our new country rather than destroying it.

The writer can be reach lomoroc@yahoo.co.uk
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