Call For Release of Pagan, Ezekiel and Majak

"we expect him (Kiir) to show the same commitment and spirit to the release of the four detainees."

 Release Pagan, Oyay, Majak and Ezekiel for peace and reconciliation


Dr. Luka Biong Deng Kuol via 

05:58 (2 hours ago)
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 Dear All,

The trial of four detainees (Pagan Amum, Oyay Deng, Majak Agoot and Ezekiel Lul) is expected to be on 10th March in Juba. It seems the detainees do not have resources to hire competent lawyers except few national lawyers who volunteer.

As President Salva has shown a commitment to reconciliation within the SPLM as reflected in his appointment of Taban Deng, who stands as well trial for treason charges, to the preparatory committee for the meeting of the SPLM Political Committee, we expect him to show the same commitment and spirit to the release of the four detainees.

I urge the civil society organizations and peace-loving people of South Sudan and world to call for clemency from President Salva to release Pagan, Oyay, Majak and Ezekiel for sake of peace, reconciliation and stability in South Sudan. Whatever effort you can exert for the release of the four detainess will be a big service not only to the families of the detainees but also to the peace and stability in South Sudan.
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05/03/2014, 9:15 AM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
The release will be in conformity with peaceful steps already taken by Kiir.
06/03/2014, 8:18 AM
 - Posted by Bol Khan
Dr. Biong, President Kiir will release them. Perhaps, he wants only them to pass through legal means.
06/03/2014, 12:05 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
Ding Yual
11:50 (12 minutes ago)

Dr. Luka,
I believe you have unearthed an important truth about South Sudanese affairs. Isn't a hypocrisy at best from the president to appoint Taban, an indicted criminal charged with treasons, as an SPLM internal committee organizer while refusing to release his comrades with the same crime. I think Taban should not play this role. Ding
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