South Sudanese Youth In Melbourne Condemn UNMISS’ Partiality

South Sudanese youth living in Melbourne, Australia have condemned the UN Mission in South Sudan’s (UNMISS) mistake of transporting arms by road instead of airlifting them.

South Sudanese Youth In Melbourne Condemn UNMISS’ Partiality
South Sudanese youth protesting the UNMISS Partiality in Melbourne, Australia. [Courtesy photo]

Melbourne, 18 March 2014 (Gurtong)- “It is clear that UNMISS is supporting the rebellion in the country and South Sudanese youth here in Melbourne condemn this behavior,” a press statement issued by the youth in Melbourne partly reads.

The youth call for Ms Hilde Johnson, the head of UNMISS in Juba to resign immediately and review of UNMISS’ operation mandate.

“We are sick of war and are against anyone supporting the war by arming the rebellion in our country. Hilde Johnson is doing just that arming the rebellions in the country and she must go,” they said.

Recently, the government troops (security personnel) intercepted weapons in a UNMISS convoy of 12 trucks marked as carrying construction materials in Lake State capital Rumbek suspected to be heading to rebel control areas by road.

The containers were loaded with different types of machine guns, anti-aircraft, landmines and ammunition.

The UNMISS denied the arms were destined for rebels, but acknowledged it made a mistake transporting them by road. The youth questioned why UNMISS fail to acknowledge why the containers were wrongly labeled and transported by road without the government concern.

UN high level investigators have since been dispatched to South Sudan to investigate the matter.

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