Open Letter To Riek Machar

"I might be born Dinka but all my thoughts and what I do have been purely South Sudanese and all my Nuer and Murle friends can attest to that claim."

 Open Letter to South Sudan Rebel Leader Dr. Riek Machar 

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Published on Monday, 03 March 2014 01:00
Written by Dhieu Deng Leek, President of John Dau Foundation & South Sudan Institute
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An Open Letter To:

The Leader of SPLM In Opposition H. E. Gen. Dr. Riek Machar Teny

Dear Gen. Dr. Riek Machar:

I appeal to your true leadership and desire for the best for the people of South Sudan. I’m very much appalled by the widespread destruction of properties and unnecessary harassment of civilians by your men from the unit of Gawaar soldiers. My appeal to you, Dr. Machar, is to make an effort to rein in those who are committing selfish acts among civilians. Those who are currently occupying Duk County are hurting civilians and we expect you to urge them to cease destruction of civilians’ properties.

Notable development projects such as the John Dau Foundation’s clinic, the home for orphans (African Soul American Hearts) and all of the other schools built in all Payams in Duk County were not build by Kiir’s Government but by the citizens of Duk County with unwavering support from warm-hearted Americans and Europeans who care so much and wanted to mitigate suffering of all our


I heard that our clinic’s fuel was looted by your men, food for malnourished children taken, medicines, equipment, beds, bed-sheets, doors, solar panels, medical equipment, computers, the clinic ambulance’s tires taken out, utensils, tools, tables, the medicines that cannot be carried by your men were set on fire and all of other essentials that enable the clinic to function have been looted by your soldiers. Please, I kindly ask that these things must be returned and the individuals who orchestrated these evil acts must be held accountable. Very generous Americans have donated over $3 millions into this work and I’m proud to say with certainty that Gawaar, Lou, Dinka, Murle and Anyuak people have benefited from this fairly.

I might be born Dinka but all my thoughts and what I do have been purely South Sudanese and all my Nuer and Murle friends can attest to that claim.

This clinic has been, and we were hoping that its will continue to be, a Helping Hand to all of our tribes such as: Nuer, Dinka, Murle, Anyuak, and or anyone who needs medical services. I hope that your group will not bite off the hand that has been rendering critical services such as restoring eye-sight for about 600 blind people, treated over 119,000 patients, conducted about 8,000 births, vaccinated more than 8,000 children, treated 101patients with TB, admitted and fed 690 malnourished children and anything between.

Why would a benevolent movement such as SPLM In Opposition, allegedly created on basis of bringing democracy, development, non-corruption, and respect of Human Rights, audaciously commit the very things it blames the other opponent for? The looting and destruction of this neutral medical facility, a clinic for peace is a huge blow to all tribes as our well-kept record shows that all the four major tribes in Jonglei State have benefited from services this clinic has

been offering.

You may be planning to win the war militarily but I’m afraid if such contemptible destruction of civilians’ assets continues for nothing other than culture of jealousy, you may lose the war of winning hearts and minds of people. This will be the most devastating unintended result to SPLM In Opposition, to say the least.

Someone has to be the true humanitarian in this conflict. If the government is not showing a sense of maturity in your opinion in this conflict, why can’t you take that role of being an adult who cares about people’s lives and avoids despicable and pointless destruction? Stop the war immediately to avoid more lives being lost.

For a look at the 2012 Eye Surgery for Peace report which was compiled by Ambassador Group to show you how this clinic has helped all the tribes in Jonglei State, please refer to our website:


John Dau (Dhieu Deng Leek)


John Dau Foundation &

South Sudan Institute

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