South Sudan’s Oil Production Drops By 32%

Oil production in South Sudan has dropped by at 32% according to the Minister of Oil and Petroleum Stephen Dhieu Dau.

South Sudan’s Oil Production Drops By 32%
Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau, South Sudan’s Petroleum Minister [File]

Juba, 26, May 2014 (Gurtong) – “The on-going conflict has dealt a severe blow on South Sudan’s oil production,” Hon. Dhieu told a Radio Miraya journalist in an exclusive interview on Monday.

“The drop due to the current crisis is only 32 percent. We are producing currently 155,000 barrels a day. It is a drop from 245,000 barrels a day. So, when you make percentage from this it will give you a drop of almost one third, not 50 percent.”

On a positive note, the minister said the South Sudan Government is working with the authorities in Sudan to repair damaged oil power plants.

“We agreed with Sudan that also if there are big damages in the power plant, then we can be supplied from Heglig power plant until we repair our own.

“We have a good understanding with Sudan including that we will be borrowing from the engineers and technicians who can come and help so we can bring back production quickly,” he explained. 

Oil production in South Sudan is the main source of revenue for the world’s youngest nation.

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