Sudan's Rumbek Celebrates State Constitution Introduction

Nov 24, 2006 (RUMBEK) — The Lakes State legislative assembly on Wednesday
23 November introduced the state interim constitution in a ceremony attended
by more than 2,000 citizens of the state.


Saturday 25 November 2006.

Speaking to Sudan Radio Service (SRS) yesterday, the deputy speaker of the state assembly, Marik Nanga, said the constitution is a legal document that will guarantee the rights of citizens in the state.

"We are going to benefit because the violations of citizen rights will not be there. The armies will be shown what to do and what they are not supposed to which was not actually very clear. The armies were not actually very much aware that the war was over and the rule of law was supposed to take place. The constitution is going to guide everybody in the state - executive, legislature and judiciary, and even the armed groups, the police and prisons. Their rights are enshrined in this constitution;" Marik Nanga said

The deputy speaker said the passing of the interim constitution marks an end to "past incidents of human rights violations in the state." The ceremony was attended by officials from the Government of Southern Sudan, the state’s traditional leaders, as well as church leaders.

Rumbek was the theatre of inter-clan clashes in the past months. The President Southern Sudan government, Salva kiir Mayadrit on 5 Semptember dismissed the former governor John Lat because he was accused of involvement in the incitement that led to fighting in the region.


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