National Labour Party Condemns NCP for Pronk's Expulsion

By Nichola Dominic Mandil

The Sudan National Labour Party has condemned in strong terms the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) for having banished the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan to Sudan, the Dutch diplomat Mr. Jan Pronk. In an interview with the Nairobi based Sudan Radio Service in Khartoum on Saturday, the Chairman of Sudan National Labour Party, Mr. James Andrea Aganj Adinyang condemned the NCP for not having consulted its prime partner in the Government of National Unity, the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement (SPLM) regarding the decision to expel the Special United Nations Envoy to Sudan and the Head of UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), Mr. Jan Pronk.

The Chairman of the Labour Party alleged that the NCP is working to liquidate the other political parties in the country just as it attempted to liquidate the opposition Popular Congress Party led by Doctor Hassan Abdullah Turabi.

Mr. James Andrea commented, "I am sure that it will affect the peace agreement, and basically, this peace agreement has not been implemented on the ground, there are gaps and there are protocols that have not been implemented such as border demarcation, the separation of the army and incorporation of the other armed groups. The second stage is that there is an extreme problem which is a time bomb, this is the Abyei problem. Expulsion of Jan Pronk is a dangerous step to the collapse of the agreement as the CPA is moving on one leg" he cautioned.

Mr. Andrea argued that the NCP should have consulted the SPLM before the taking decision to send Mr. Pronk away, urging that the SPLM is one of the parties to the Agreement that brought the United Nations Mission headed by Jan Pronk to Sudan.

He also urged that decisions in the Government of National Unity (GONU) should be by consultation and agreement by the two partners as stipulated in the CPA, not one party deciding in the name of the government. Mr. Andrea called upon the SPLM and different political parties and southern Parties, in particular, to unite and face the NCP amidst growing threats to the CPA.

The Leader of the Labour party alleged that the NCP worked hard to expel his party from participating in the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS), and said that the NCP has struggled to wither all parties' sources of livelihood just as what had befallen to the Popular Congress Party (PC).

He also said that the people of southern Sudan have the right to self determination after the Six-Year-Interim-Period, saying that, "people of the South have the right to vote for self determination, they are free to choose separation or unity, but those who believe that southerners will vote for unity, let them wait and see the surprises that will take place", Mr. James Andréa maintained.

The decision to expel Mr. Pronk from Sudan was passed on Sunday, October 22, 2006 on the eve of the Ramadan festival, which was a public holiday in the national capital. Pronk left Sudan on Monday, October 23, 2006 the first day of the Ramadan festival.
Kofi Annan said he still has full confidence in Pronk as his special Envoy to Sudan . Pronk on his way to New York via his home country, the Netherlands, echoed that he was still the UN Envoy to Sudan and stated that he has "no regrets for his statement regarding the situation in Darfur region". Pronk was deemed 'non persona grata' by the Sudanese government when he published on his private web log that Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) suffered severe defeats at the hands of the rebel movements in Darfur and that the morale of the SAF had diminished and some of the SAF officers no longer obeyed orders due to being fed up of war. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expelled Pronk on these grounds and other allegations not mentioned by the government. According

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