Sudan: Preacher Blames Western Leaders for Sacrilege Against Prophet Muhammad

The Friday prayers sermon on 13 October was broadcast live on Sudan TV starting 1035 gmt from Al-Shahid Mosque in Khartoum. The preacher was. Al-Shaykh Muhammad Hasan Tanun.

The first sermon lasted 23 minutes and dealt mainly with issues of the Prophet Danish cartoons which offended Prophet Muhammad. The preacher said: "The fools and the arrogant have once again repeated to insult the holy Prophet of Allah (Muhammad Peace and Blessing of Allah be Upon Him), who is the greatest of all mankind, through their cartoon and also the issuance of bad statements".

The preacher asked: "Why all these insults? why all these offences against the most blessed person the world has ever witnessed? It is indeed a concealed hatred from those without a religion or even morality. They are attacking the Prophet of Islam and Koran as well as the religion of Islam".

The preacher further said: "The political leaders of Western countries are responsible for the magnitude of this issue. The religious leaders, who are also called the spiritual leaders are also in agreement with the political leaders. They are inciting these arrogant cartoonists to offend the Prophet of Allah Peace and Blessing of Allah be Upon Him. If we ask them why do you do this?

They say it is because of freedom.

"Their freedom is to insult Messengers and Prophets of Allah. However, if anyone talked about the Holocaust - the greatest non-existent Israeli Holocaust - there is no freedom. Indeed they believe in no freedom.

"But lets ask why these secret and open wars against Islam? Why all these conspiracy against the religion of Islam? Why are the none believers so united to fight Islam?

"We can get a straight and forward answer from the Koran, which has an explicit answer that the congregation of the none-believers are united to conspire against Islam. Why? because they are none-believers and they don't want to see the existence of faith and believers in God."

The preacher further said: "They [non-believers] know about Islam. They are not doing what they are doing to insult the Prophet not because they are ignorant about Islam but rather they are doing out of hatred for Muslims.

"We do not want to respond to these insults. However, we will leave the Christian spiritual leaders, Muslim ulamas and the Jews, who learnt about Islam and later embraced it, answer them instead".

The preacher mentioned many Christians who embraced Islam after they learnt about it such as [Roman Catholic] Bishop David Benjamin.

In the second segment of the Friday sermon, which lasted about 10 minutes, the preacher continued with the same topic.

The preacher said: "The war against Islam and its existence is on. The enemies of Islam are the same enemies since Prophet Muhammad was sent to the mankind. They are the same and will remain so even if their objectives and means have changed".

The preacher said: "They [none believers] have imposed sanctions on many people. The Palestinians have been besieged... They invaded and occupied Iraq...Afghanistan.... they also destroyed Somalia and now they are intending to come to Sudan. However, we swear that we will never allow anyone to step in the Sudanese territory. They will never step in Sudan except over our dead bodies. Yes to confrontation and No to surrender and subjugation. They don't know except the language of forces and confrontation".

The preacher concluded the sermon with a supplication.
Source: Sudan TV, Omdurman, in Arabic 1030 gmt 13 Oct 06

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