NBGS Commemorates 32 Anniversary Of SPLA Day

Hundreds of thousands of residents in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state together with organized forces of Sudan People’s Liberation Army [SPLA] in Division 3, Police bands unit, prisons, Fire brigade, Wildlife and Scouts team were part of today’s commemoration celebration of the SPLA 16th May.

NBGS Commemorates 32 Anniversary Of SPLA Day
Left-Right SPLA Division 3 Commander, Maj Gen. Santino Deng Wol, [c] NBGS Caretaker Governor Salva Chol Ayat and State Police Commissioner Maj-Gen. Akot Deng Akot during the SPLA day commemoration on May 16 [Photo| Agoth Abraham

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, May 16, 2015 [Gurtong]
- South Sudanese especially the liberation fighters put this day as a historical day which was the day they took arms against the Sudanese government in 1983 May 16th, asking for their independence and freedom.

While commemorating the day for 7 hours in the hot sun at Aweil’s freedom square, several speakers who addressed the audience referred the day to be a blessing and a gift for the new nation.

“We the people of South Sudan and other marginalized areas have lived in this Country [Sudan] for a very long time before the coming of Arabs during 600 AD. The Arabs entered Sudan and imposed Arabization and Islamization of policies on all marginalized citizens of the Sudan, as a result to these policies, Dr. John Garang, Salva Kiir, myself and many other South Sudanese took arms against the Sudanese government in what was known as Anya-nya 1 rebellion.” NBGS Caretaker Governor, Salva Chol Ayat told the audience at Aweil freedom square today.

“Unfortunately, the regime of Khartoum government deceived us in what was known as Addis-Ababa Agreement of 1972 which was later dishonored by the same regime as the then President of Sudan, Nimeri said the Addis-Ababa agreement was NOT a Koran or Bible, in response to that; we rebelled again on May 16, 1983; which remains now a historical event which we today celebrate.” He added

Ayat says the day is a combination of several historical commemorations as they celebrate for the independence that South Sudan achieved through this arm struggle that took them 21 years of civil war within the Sudanese communities, acknowledge the great contribution made by every South Sudanese, who sacrificed their lives for the freedom currently being enjoyed in most parts of the country, while another crucial third event is mourning for the lives of those who lost their lives during this 21 years of war.

He further expressed gratitude to those who lost loved ones, those who fought and won the war and still alive now and those who never turned their backs to the enemy.

“I would like to appreciate and recognize the contribution during the liberation struggle. During those days of struggle, our people in NBGS witnessed rapes, deaths, slavery, starvation and loss of wealth but we never gave up to our enemy until July 9th, 2011, when our President Salva Kiir rose the flag of our new nation.” He said.

Meanwhile, the SPLA’s Division 3 commander, Major General, Santino Deng Wol reiterated the SPLA’s readiness to continue defending the nation, constitution and the people of South Sudan from any external aggression.

“Our constitutional mandate, as the national Army [SPLA] of this country is to defend you from any external attacks, defend the constitution and defend territorial integrity of this nation. So at this juncture, the lion division assures you that we are here to protect people in NBG and in Warrap states. We are determined to remain working for your security throughout so that you stay in peace.” SPLA Division 3 commander addressed the audience during the SPLA day in Aweil town.

Meanwhile, United Nations Mission in South Sudan [UNMISS] state Coordinator, Koliap Ataba said he is pleased to commemorate together with citizens of NBGS the 16th May which he hopes the day reminds them the ideals of the past in the history of South Sudan.

Whereas, the women representative, Awut Kuel Kuel said she wants the newly empowered Caretaker Governor, Salva Chol to work hard for the unity of the people of Northern Bahr el Ghazal to avoid political differences.

Albino Madhan Anei, Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries who spoke on behalf of other political parties in the state, urged other political parties and the entire citizens of the state to join hands together for the political reconciliations and working together for the economic improvement.

Akech Akeen, an SPLM Acting Secretary in the state says the day MUST be considered as a symbol of peace reflecting the previous unity among the South Sudanese during their armed struggle against Khartoum as the solution to address current political differences in the country/state.

Hon. Isaac Makou Ayok urged the community of NBGS to remain calm despite the political turmoil in the state saying they should always be peace-makers and exemplary to the other states.

An SPLM acting youth league representative, Deng Garang Mawien says the youth in NBGS are ready to rally behind the SPLM led government and will work hard and supportively in addressing internal party’s differences within the state.


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